28 July, 2023

BIS HCMC graduates open doors to some of the best universities in the world

A whole world of possibilities awaits our graduating class of 2023.  With 385 university offers so far, and many more still to come from Korea, Australia and Singapore, their remarkable IBDP achievements have opened pathways to some of the best universities and specialist institutions across the globe. 

And we do really mean across the globe with offers coming from over 170 different universities worldwide.

Our students have offers from 11 of the top 22 Universities in the World according to the QS 2024 Global Rankings, alongside floods of offers from universities specialising in our students' subjects of choice.


Top 22 University Offers

The University of Oxford

Stanford University

Imperial College London

University College London

National University of Singapore

The University of Chicago

The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Melbourne and

The University of Sydney

The University of Toronto

The University of Edinburgh

Our dedicated students have secured multiple offers for these top prestigious universities and we are extremely proud of the commitment and hard work they put into their university applications let alone their IBDP over the last 2 years.   We have an incredible 9 students this year with offers from the University of Toronto and a further 9 students with offers from The University of Edinburgh.  8 students have been offered places at Imperial College London and another 8 with offers from University College London.

The USA, UK and Canada are still our most popular destinations with Korea and Australia firm favourites.  So far have students have also secured incredible offer rates are the following universities:

University of Manchester – 17 offers

University of Durham – 13 offers

Kings College London – 13 offers

Pennsylvania State University – 8 offers

University of British Columbia – 5 offers

University of California San Diego – 5 offers

University of Sydney – 4 offers

Monash University – 4 offers

This year we have a record number of Singapore applications and we eagerly anticipate offers from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as well as further offers from Korean and Australian universities over the next few days and weeks.

 We are excited to hear where our graduates choose next to follow their passions with our dedicated College and University Guidance (CUG) Team on hand to support and guide them in their decisions.