At BIS HCMC, our early years, primary, and secondary students wear our school uniform with pride. Smart, practical and comfortable, our distinctive uniform creates a strong sense of identity, both in school and our community.
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A full school uniform is included in your child's annual fees. You can find a list of items for each year group at the bottom of this page. 

Should you need to replace any items, you can buy them from our uniform shop, which is located on our Secondary Campus. The shop is open during school hours, Monday to Friday. You can also pick up free, pre-loved items from our Parent Teacher Group swap shops, helping to reduce waste and increase sustainability.

Early Years Foundation Stage and Junior Campus uniform

Shoes: Sensible black leather shoes (excluding Foundation Stage 1 and 2) or closed-toe sandals, preferably without laces. Foundation Stage 1 and 2 children should wear sensible shoes or closed-toe sandals to aid the development of small feet.

Socks: White, black, or grey ankle-high socks.

Hair: Long hair should be tied back with a red or maroon hairband. No bandana-style headbands or hair accessories, which include hard bobbles, are to be worn.

Hats: Children should always wear school hats when they're outside to protect them from the sun. We have a 'no hat, no play' policy.

PE kit and swimming: From Foundation Stage 3 upwards, children must change into their PE or swimming kit for any physical activity. Your child will need sports shoes for outdoor PE activities. Children change back into their school uniform after PE or swimming.

Secondary Campus uniform

Secondary students are expected to dress in a professional and tidy fashion, and take pride in their appearance. Other items to note are:

Sweater: Only school sweaters may be worn.

Hair: Should be neat, clean, and of a natural colour. No extremes are permitted.

Make-up and/or nail varnish: Neither is allowed.

Jewellery: Small items are allowed within reason. As a rule of thumb: one pair of plain earrings or studs, worn in the lobe of the ear; one plain ring; one plain necklace; bracelet-friendship bands within reason (two maximum); no visible tattoos or body piercings.

PE and drama: Only school kit may be worn in PE lessons. Students may change into suitable shorts and t-shirts for drama lessons.  

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