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At British International School of Boston, we’re preparing our students to be global citizens, who are equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to be successful in a diverse, globally connected community.
Andrew Gilhooly
Deputy Head of British International School of Boston
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At British International School of Boston, we don’t offer a standard education. We amplify your child’s learning through a global framework of international curricula that allow for greater differentiation in your child’s education — so they can accelerate where their strengths lie and simultaneously give greater attention to areas of growth.

No two students learn in the same way, and our UK-trained, internationally experienced teachers are experts at guiding each student through their own pathway of academics, interests, and goals, both inside and outside the classroom. From our youngest to our oldest of students, we deliver a broad, yet deep array of subjects and complementary activities that work together to nurture every child’s curiosity — fueling them to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

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Learning at British International School of Boston is much more than getting high scores on exams. It’s all about creating a future that’s driven by a love for learning, exploring, and helping others, whether our efforts are local or on another side of the globe.

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Academic Excellence
Following highly regarded international curricula, BISB's academics include a wide range of subjects that weave together through their relevance to the world — in Boston and beyond.
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Academic Excellence

At the British International School of Boston, our highly experienced teachers follow the English National Curriculum and other renowned international curricula, eventually leading our students to the gold standard of global education — the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Widely recognized in the international arena, our students’ remarkable success with the IB Diploma opens the doors to outstanding opportunities.

Our teachers are experts at using differentiation in the classroom to give just the right amount of challenge or support for each child's level, interests, and goals — so all can excel at their own pace, motivated by their love for learning, and lead the way to a future that truly excites them. Students weave together subjects as they connect every topic to the world, furthered by their hands-on activities, projects, and more. When our students connect with their learning, they not only have a deeper understanding of it, but they also become more confident at taking risks or creating solutions to problems, for example.

There’s no limit to our students’ potential. Every year, they far outpace their peers internationally — with globally impressive scores on the IB Diploma and incredible acceptances from Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, King's College London, Imperial, Cambridge, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and beyond!

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The World's Best Teachers

Our talented educators leverage their extensive experience teaching in the UK, US, and internationally to deliver high-quality, personalized lessons. At BISB, we guide our students to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

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The World's Best Teachers

As part of Nord Anglia Education, at British International School of Boston, we're proud to attract high-quality teachers who bring international perspectives and experience from teaching in schools worldwide. All hold UK Qualified Teacher Status, or the equivalent, which means they've been highly trained to differentiate learning in the classroom — delivering lessons that are tailored to each student's unique journey. Our teachers also use their global experiences to bring our international curricula to life, strengthening our students' knowledge and awareness. This high-quality combination of personalized and international education results in our students' great academic success and transformative growth beyond the classroom, too, as they connect with the world.

As part of our high teaching standards, our teachers embrace a culture of continuous learning. Weekly, they exchange best teaching and educational practices — always looking to upgrade and stay at the forefront of international education, as one extraordinary team. Additionally, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) teachers go through specific training and regular workshops to keep our students at the top of the IBDP. In alignment with regular performance reviews, our teachers additionally utilize world-class trainings and resources from Nord Anglia University (NAU), our Nord Anglia-exclusive professional development platform. Performing arts teachers, for example, can enhance their teaching with expert resources from our Juilliard collaboration on NAU, working with Juilliard coaches to boost our students' creativity and expression.

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Outstanding Learning Experiences
Through many world-class experiences in and beyond the classroom, we amplify students' learning and bring it fully to life in our vivid world. As global citizens, BISB students strive to make a difference with their skills, both near and far on the globe.
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Outstanding Learning Experiences

Students at British International School of Boston explore their interests and pursue their passions in and beyond the classroom — navigating experiences that enrich their character and motivate them. Whether it's on a trip local in Boston or across the world in Tanzania, we nourish your child's love for learning through unique experiences that connect them with the world.

While these experiences are intensely rich in academic and skills development, we also amplify our students’ learning with attention to their social and emotional well-being. Students partake in hands-on STEAM activities and enrichment offerings, numerous clubs and activities of wide-ranging interests, service and social impact initiatives, and trips or excursions that fulfill them. Meanwhile, our collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, and UNCIEF especially give our students unparalleled resources, activities, and mentors, who motivate them with strategies and techniques to make a difference — whether that's in a STEAM field, through creativity, or with social action, for example.

Global Campus is an outstanding BISB offering that embodies our international culture, woven throughout our experiences. As a platform for all Nord Anglia students throughout the world, Global Campus allows BISB students to get to know their peers through global challenges — whether tackling a STEAM problem or virtually climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Our students can also participate in art, music, and creative writing competitions on Global Campus, expanding their worldview as they come into conversation with other perspectives and cultures.

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The Nord Anglia Education Family
Our community at British International School of Boston embraces a vibrant world of connections through the Nord Anglia Education family. We’re proud to celebrate our various cultures and heritages that guide our students in their global citizenship.
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The Nord Anglia Education Family

As we prepare our students for a future of international connections, at BISB we embrace a culture of celebration around our diversity. Our youngest to our oldest of students come to understand their identity in an international context and get ready to lead on the world stage. Within our community, we're proud to have over 80 heritages represented and 20 languages spoken. Our annual BISB Heritage Day is a highlight of our year, as our families share their traditions through inspiring events, which encourage friendships across the community and expand everyone's knowledge.

Across BISB, students of various ages also come together and learn from each other through our House System — a traditional British program in which each student belongs to one of four "houses.” Each house works together during exciting competitions that strengthen their relationships and team spirit. Our four houses, named after STEAM leaders Katsushika Hokusai, Katherine Johnson, Radia Perlman, and Stephen Hawking, lead to wonderful mentorships between older and younger students.

BISB parents also continually bring our community together to build lasting connections through events, personal introductions, and school communications. Parents may get involved at the appropriate level for their lifestyle and can volunteer at different activities, like assisting at book fairs, chaperoning field trips, or serving as guest speakers. The BISB Parent Association (BISB–PA) especially supports our community by welcoming new families through social occasions and educational opportunities. When new families join, the BISB–PA also connects them to "host families," who offer support our newest members in smoothly navigating our school and Boston.

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Our Social Purpose

From Boston to beyond, BISB students build an understanding of their place in the world and how they can positively contribute to our different communities. They do this through creativity, activity, and service — also known as “CAS.”

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Our Social Purpose

From a young age at British International School of Boston, every child develops a deep understanding of their place in the world and how they can positively contribute to their communities. Beginning in Lower School, for example, students have lessons about their global citizenship to expand their knowledge of the world and to prepare them for effective ways to consider the whole planet.

Significantly, all students learn about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on our “Global Campus” platform, so they can discover tangible ways to improve others’ lives — whether near or far in the world. Our youngest students begin to address the SDGs through small habits like using refillable water bottles, for example. By Middle School, students participate in clubs like Model UN and Model G20, where they address issues on the world stage.

BISB students also get involved in clubs that contribute service through action. “Allies for Action,” our Middle and High Schoolers' social justice initiative, focuses on equity, diversity, and acceptance, for example. They help a variety of service organizations, increase accessibility throughout our community, and invite speakers of different backgrounds to share their perspectives and experiences. Our oldest students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, meanwhile, initiate, lead, or participate in “Creativity, Activity, Service” (CAS) projects — like creating educational websites, performing music, designing furniture, or assisting local farming efforts to benefit others.

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An Advanced Learning Environment
Our 38-acre, vibrantly green campus in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood offers our students an excellent balance between New England’s charming nature and the wellspring of culture, history, and creativity from Boston's heart.
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An Advanced Learning Environment

Our 40-acre, vibrantly green campus in Jamaica Plain offers the ideal mix between New England’s open woodland and Boston's vibrant culture. Always bustling with conversations, thinking, and activities, our campus is defined by the contagious energy of students’ learning and excitement — as they move from the classroom to the playground, to the science lab, to the sports field.

All spaces have been carefully composed to encourage our community's connectedness. For example, while our purpose-built school building features a dedicated “home base” floor for every year group, we also have several flexible spaces. Here, students across years can continually interact and learn from each other.

Balanced with many dedicated age-appropriate spaces for our students to explore, play, and grow, our facilities encourage them to pursue all that interests them. We have a specialist STEAM Center; several creative spaces (like black box theaters and dance and music studios); four age-appropriate playgrounds; and stimulating outdoor and indoor athletics facilities, equipped for a variety of physical activities. Across these inspiring spaces, our talented teachers facilitate a stimulating environment, where they focus on building each child's confidence in pursuit of their interests, passions, and goals.

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We offer a highly personalized admissions process and are here to help at every stage.

  • Contact BISB’s admissions team today to schedule a tour of our school or a Virtual Discovery Meeting.
  • Complete and submit an online application.
  • Submit supporting paperwork and assessments.
  • British International School of Boston will schedule a visit and interview for your child.
  • Financial aid is available.


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Whether they’re local to Boston or have moved from another country, our students excel in and beyond the classroom, because they know how to tap into what personally drives them. BISB students carve out their own pathways to their bright future — no matter what they choose to be or do in life.

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