We understand that your child learns and experiences the world in their own unique way. Using this as our focus, we tailor their learning experience to help them flourish.
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The Highest Quality of Learning

We believe there's no limit to anyone's potential or ability. Every child can achieve at a high level, both academically and socially. We take a personalized approach to support and challenge your child.

Every child has a personal learning style that leads them to approach things differently. At British International School of Boston, we use this understanding to optimize your child's school experience. We help them do their best by understanding themselves.

Setting Goals

By making the child a full partner in the learning process from a very early age, we inspire each student to set their own goals. Our students understand that building skills is more valuable, but takes much longer than just memorizing facts. They will relish the opportunity to accept each challenge in the supportive environment of our school.

Also, by using curricula that are unlike most in traditional American schools, our teachers have the tools to allow your child to move at a pace appropriate for them. This personalized learning approach brings out the best in each student and creates an environment where challenge and support go hand-in-hand, stretching everyone appropriately.


Whether they’re local to Boston or have moved from another country, our students excel in and beyond the classroom, because they know how to tap into what personally drives them. BISB students carve out their own pathways to their bright future — no matter what they choose to be or do in life.

British International School of Boston student