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When you join BISB, you enter a globally minded, learning-focused environment that’s dedicated to seeing your child thrive.


BISB’s teachers ace the most crucial part of their job — motivating your child to do their best and pursue what they truly find fascinating.

That’s because we recognize that every student is unique, with their own strengths, abilities, and talents. We respond by putting every child’s individual way of learning ahead of our teaching.

BIS Boston


British International School of Boston is proud to be a highly competitive independent school within the Boston area. As part of our private school’s admissions process, we’ll get to know your child and family, so we can understand the suitability of BISB’s offerings for your child’s growth.

We ask for the submission of several documents before our annual application deadline. Please review all requirements for your child, which vary appropriately by their age group.

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Our Admissions team at British International School of Boston would be happy to answer any questions you have throughout our private school’s admissions process, and we’re always glad to provide guidance.
Please get ready to compile:
  • Your online application form
  • A “Required Additional Information for Application” form
  • Your child’s report cards and student evaluations, appropriate to their year group or grade
  • Your child’s standardized test results (for Middle and High Schoolers), appropriate to their year group or grade
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At British International School of Boston, our tuition fees reflect the premium education we deliver. As part of our educational package, through Nord Anglia Education, we offer several exclusive resources that enrich your child’s learning in and beyond the classroom.

Our world-class collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, and UNICEF, alongside incredible international opportunities in the global Nord Anglia family, build your child’s knowledge and confidence, and prepare them to lead an exciting future in the global arena.

Whether your family is local to Boston or coming from another part of the world, we’ll take your child’s learning to the next level, to unlock their greatest potential.

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To discover more about BISB and apply, please follow the steps below.
Contact us
Submit the inquiry form on our website, send us an email, or give us a call.
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Step 1
Discover our school
Visit our school in person or through a Virtual Discovery Meeting with our Director of Admissions, who will share BISB’s personalized approach to learning with you and answer your questions. In turn, you’ll tell us more about your child, your family, and what you’re looking for.
Visit BISB
Step 2
Apply for a place
You’ll submit the online application form and the required supporting documents for your child.
Step 3
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These are the most important admissions dates at British International School of Boston for your family’s calendar.

Prior to the application deadline, please ensure that you send all documents and meet all requirements for the application to be considered ready for review.

We’re also happy to continue receiving applications throughout the school year and will fill spaces that remain open.

Our Application Deadline
Monday, Jan 15, 2024
Admissions Decisions Released
Sunday, Mar 10, 2024
Enrollment Deadline
Wednesday, Apr 10, 2024
Lisa van Horne
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BISB provides a truly unique environment, focused on individualized learning within a global community. Our connection to Nord Anglia Education and our international curricula allow us to amplify learning opportunities, creating engaged and confident future leaders.
Lisa van Horne
Director of Admissions and Marketing


  • How do I know if British International School of Boston is the right private school for my child?

    While it may at first seem overwhelming, the wide selection of great private schools in the Boston area offers you the opportunity to find the right fit for your family and your child. This important decision should be made only after considering what’s genuinely right for your child's future.

    Visiting a variety of different types and sizes of schools will help you get a sense of where your child will be most successful. Explore, talk, and meet current parents and students. Most importantly, ask lots of questions.

    See our guide to the “10 Questions to Ask Your Private School Admissions Team” and explore our answers to these important questions. This will help you decide if BISB is the right school for your child.

  • What curriculum does British International School of Boston teach from?

    A school's curriculum is one of the most influential factors on a child's learning and development. As you explore BISB and other schools for your child’s future, you’ll find out how the curriculum supports and challenges students of varying abilities and educational backgrounds. Ask why the school chose the curriculum they did and find out how your child’s learning style will be supported within the curriculum.

    Learn how we have chosen to teach from globally respected curricula at BISB, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which have been proven to help children excel and are highly regarded by colleges and universities across the US and around the globe.

  • How will my child's progress be measured?

    It’s important to know how a school tracks student progress and achievement and to know how the school communicates this progress with parents.

    At British International School of Boston, teachers have regular conversations with students to measure their learning and help them set new learning goals. Teachers track student progress carefully and clearly communicate with parents through school reports, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and student learning journals. Teachers also help track students' social and emotional progress, encouraging students to reach personal goals in addition to academic goals.

    Discover how goal setting leads to great success for our students.

  • Do you have an admissions deadline?
    When applying to private schools in Boston, it’s important to know when applications are due and to provide all supporting documents required for admissions. Our application deadline is January 15th every year. Decisions are sent out by March 10th, and enrollment contracts are due to the school by April 10th.
  • How does British International School of Boston welcome new families?

    Your new school is going to be your family's new community. As such, we know it’s important to help you and your child feel welcome.

    We host a New Student Day the week before school begins to let students meet their teachers and explore the school building. During the fall term, we also host a series of monthly events throughout Boston for new parents. In the past, we've toured the Boston Public Library, visited the Museum of Fine Arts, and explored Boston Symphony Hall.



Visit our campus or join us in a Virtual Discovery Meeting to take the first step towards your child’s future. We’ll give you clear insights into what personalized learning looks like, and we’ll show you BISB’s unique resources and global offerings.

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