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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Teaching?
This blog delves into the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and education, covering its impact on teaching, diversity in learning styles, and the importance of ethical guidelines.
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News image BISB_Boston_Nov 2022_005 Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Homepage Featured Article | School News
Successful Transition to School
Prepare for a successful school transition: Establish routines, promote independence, and nurture a growth mindset in children. Communicate with them about their school day and build positive relationships with teachers and school community. Encourage reading, create a focused homework space, and foster strong family-school-community connections for children's success at the British International School of Boston.
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News image Safeguarding _LINK Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance
We believe that every student has the right to be respected and to feel welcomed. Internet and social media safety for students is of paramount importance, and our teachers, staff, students and parents all have a role to play in helping students become responsible internet users.
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News image GoodStudyHabits_LINK Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance
How to establish good study habits for life
Ethan Hildreth, Superintendent at the Nord Anglia American International School in Abu Dhabi, says building good study habits at the beginning of the school year can help students achieve in and outside of the classroom, as well as pave the way for success in other areas of their life.
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News image preparing your child to move abroad 540X329 Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Admissions | Advice and Guidance
Top 7 tips to prepare your child for the move abroad
Moving abroad can often be a very challenging time for parents and their children. Here is some advice on what to prepare for when embarking on a new chapter of life in an unfamiliar city.
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News image Top traits US universities seek_540X329 Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Student Success
How to help your child get into a top US university
Applying to universities in the U.S. has changed over the years. What used to be a competition of measurable grades and test scores is now an evaluation of transferable skills. Find out what American universities are seeking and what your child can do to stand out.
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News image 1 Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Arts and Culture | Homepage Featured Article | Teaching Practice
What's the right age to get my child a tablet?
Deciding what is the right age for your child to begin using technology can vary for every child and family. Craig Brown, Head of Learning Technologies at the British International School, Budapest, gives some advice on what parents should consider before giving their child a tablet.
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News image LinkedIn Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Alumni Success
BISB Grads Can Now List IB Diploma, Coursework on LinkedIn
Eager to spread the word about the benefits of an IB Diploma? Now International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme grads from our Boston private school and other schools around the world can list their achievement on their LinkedIn profiles.
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News image digital citizenship Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Homepage Featured Article
Digital Citizenship Week: How to Keep Kids Safe Online
Learn more about keeping kids safe online and get tips to share with your children in our newest blog post, in honor of Digital Citizenship Week (October 19-25).
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