July 11, 2023

Great results achieved by our IB Diploma students for the 2022-23-academic year

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Our entire school community is proud to share that our students at the British International School of Boston (BISB) achieved excellent results on this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) exams.


For the 2022-23 academic school year, BISB students achieved an average score of 32.5 points compared to the IB global average of 30.24 points.  Additionally, 4 of BISB students achieved 40+ points score this year. 


Everyone at the British International School of Boston is extremely proud of our graduating seniors and the incredible hard work they have put into their studies over the years.


We can’t wait to hear what they will accomplish in the future as they head to the world’s top universities such as Georgetown University, Rice UniversityBoston CollegeCornell, Vanderbilt, McGill University, and George Washington University, Middlebury college. Just to name a few of the top colleges that the BISB class of 2022 will be attending.


Our students achieve more than they may have thought possible. We believe there is no limit to what students can achieve socially, personally, and academically. This year, our students’ academic results reflect our shared commitment to excellence in this area.


A huge congratulations to all our graduates and IBDP achievers for a job well done.