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January 13, 2023

Science Room Upgrade

science room
Science Room Upgrade

Mrs. Crigger is very excited to reveal some massive steps the science department has taken towards improving our provision for middle school and high school science, including DP Biology and Chemistry! We have now purchased professional quality lab benches and installed safe extension cables so the students can more easily plug in and access equipment. We have also purchased and installed new glassware, such as technical grade burettes (for acid/base chemistry) which are pictured on the wall. I have created separate "stations" in my classroom for physics labs (lower benches to be sat at) and chemistry experiments (higher benches designed for standing at) in addition to a "dry" zone in the middle. Just before Christmas, we received a delivery of over 25 boxes of new chemicals and equipment including dissection kits, glassware, a water distillation machine, and lab grade qualitative analysis chemicals in order to improve our provision of IB Diploma Programme biology and chemistry. This is exciting as we are now better able to perform the IB required practicals as well as have more resources for the Year 12s to have increased options when planning their Internal Assessments. We are proud of the resources and curriculum we have at BISC for Secondary School science!