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News image BISC_Charlotte_Jan 2023_265 News | Choosing A School
Relocating your child
As a family-friendly city, Charlotte offers an excellent quality of student life for your child. At the British International School of Charlotte our school community will ensure your child makes the transition to a new school easily.
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News image Cover ImageVideo Still  BISC Facilities Blog | Choosing A School | Featured
Welcome to BISC! (Facilities Video Tour)
Explore our school facilities and discover the feeling that you have as you walk through the halls, the passion that everyone has for learning, and the real sense of a diverse community coming together to enable children to be limitless in their potential.
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News image EpicIdentity_LINK Blog | Choosing A School
Wearable tech, creating superheroes in the classroom
Superheroes are known to possess special powers or gadgets that enhance their identity. Inspired by the work of Professor Leia Stirling at MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Epic Identity challenge encourages our students to look into wearable technologies, and how they are used to measure, enhance or help human performance
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