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March 27, 2023

Relocating your child

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At British International School of Charlotte our school community will ensure your child makes the transition to a new school easily.

Moving your child between cities and countries can be daunting. Sometimes the fear of disrupting your child can even put a stop to family plans to move to a new location.

As Charlotte's only international school, we know better than anyone how best to help your child move school, and how to make the process of relocating your family as easy as possible. Our welcoming school community means that your child will easily settle into student life in Charlotte.

What to do when moving schools

Our advice on how to help your child move school is:

  • Select a school with a good track record of welcoming families who are new into the area. At our school, for example, we buddy all new families with a current family from our school community to help ease the transition. Every child who joins our school is also assigned a "buddy" to help show them the ropes.
  • Consider how transferable the school's curriculum is. If you're likely to be moving between cities and countries, following a curriculum offered around the world will help your transition between locations. Not only do we offer an international curriculum, but we are also part of a network of 29 schools around the world making it easy to move between our family of schools.
  • Help your child to make friends before you even move to Charlotte. Again, our buddy system will help you with this, and our evaluation days offer your child the chance to meet and get to know their classmates before they enroll.
  • Consider how much the teaching staff at a school will do to ease your child into their new environment. At our school we develop a Personal Success Plan for every child. These are created before they start at school so that from day one our teachers are already adapting their teaching approach to your child's likes, dislikes, hobbies, preferences and areas for development, making it quicker and easier to settle in and succeed.

We are happy to offer advice at any time on relocating your child to Charlotte.