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May 04, 2023


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Year 7 Maths Class have recently finished studying a unit with this line of inquiry: Artistry and creativity are enhanced through an understanding of how measurement helps to define forms. We enjoyed looking at a variety of different creative forms such as Cubism, skyscrapers in very geometric shapes and mosaic tiles through the lens of geometry. Happily, the Picasso: Out Of Bounds exhibition came to the Minti Museum at the perfect time so we went to look at the paintings and took the opportunity to sketch 3 paintings and identify what geometric elements Picasso used and how he used them to enhance the painting. The Year 7 made very astute observations about how the paintings were built upon an understanding of geometry such as how the elements of the painting could be made from shapes and how the shapes could then be placed next to each other to create space. We spotted parallel lines, right angles, acute triangles amongst other forms. We finished the field trip with a nice lunch and came back to school.