Mike Henderson, Principal of The British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park
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Our school community consists of local and international students who benefit from a globally minded education and graduate with the necessary academic results, confidence, and life skills to succeed at whatever they choose to pursue. 
Mike Henderson
Executive Principal, British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park
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we apply our skills in and out of the classroom

At the British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park, our Pre-Nursery, Early Years and Primary school students learn through a combination of the English National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. 

From the start of our toddler program, our youngest learners develop strong foundational skills through a mix of sensory exploration and play-based lessons. Through the rest of their Primary education, our blended curriculum guides learners with overarching themes that integrate languages, performing arts, athletics and STEAM subject areas, building their knowledge lesson by lesson. This cross-curricular approach leads our students to apply their creative problem-solving skills beyond school, too. 

Our students then matriculate to middle and high school at the British International School of Chicago, South Loop, where 100% of our students pass the IB Diploma every year, and 2 out of 3 attend the world’s top universities.
Student and teacher in a International Primary Curriculum lesson at BISC-LP
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Created by world-leading experts, our internationally recognized British curriculum reimagines teaching and learning for our Pre-Nursery, Early Years and Primary school children through six pillars of education.
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Academic excellence
We give children a personalized learning experience that’s as individual as they are. We set them personalized learning goals to help support and challenge them to reach their fullest potential, socially, and emotionally. 
Academic excellence

We’re a community of learners who value each student’s strengths and weaknesses and celebrate each other’s success on an ongoing basis. BISC-LP students are encouraged to explore where their true passions and interests lie.

Our outstanding teachers’ plan, present and design lessons to meet the learning style of each student. We nurture success through an assessment model that allows teachers to adapt lessons as they go -- ensuring each child is not only supported but challenged to be their best. 95% of our parents say their children receive personal attention from their teachers. 98% of our parents say their children are making good progress at school.

Students from BISC-LP also attend high school at the South Loop campus when they graduate. Secondary education at South Loop is completed through the globally renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program--the perfect precursor to attending a college of choice. 

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The world’s best teachers
Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools. That’s why BISC Lincoln Park invests in some of the world’s best educators and provide them with exceptional professional development opportunities—so your child can learn and achieve more than at any other school.
World's best teachers

Our team of teaching colleagues provides the highest quality learning in a challenging yet nurturing environment. With small class sizes, our teachers know each child as an individual and encourage them to make choices that maximize their progress in all areas of our curriculum. Our high teacher retention rate, 96% last year, means our staff are knowledgeable, and committed to the learning experience our school provides.

At BISC Lincoln Park, we exclusively focus on younger age students. We give extra attentive care to the needs of children ages 15 months to 11 years old in their early development. They experience hands-on, tactile learning, which gives them a competitive advantage over other children in their age group. As a result, they are fully prepared to overcome the challenges in both their future academic and personal lives. 

99% of our parents say their child is taught by high-quality teachers. Indeed, the range of expertise and years of experience our teachers have supports a top-tier, results-driven learning experience, leading to high academic outcomes for our students.

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Exceptional learning experiences
Our broad curriculum includes not only the traditional academic areas but gives the students a foundation in performing arts, STEAM, modern foreign languages, athletics and more.  
Exceptional learning experiences

Delivering an excellent performing arts education with Juilliard

Your child’s performing arts experience is enhanced with music, dance, and drama––encompassing a range of genres, styles and cultures, and all designed by Juilliard. Teachers use the Juilliard Creative Classroom: an extraordinary online collection of educational resources that have been designed to enhance our performing arts curricula. 
All our performing arts teachers receive Juilliard training and work closely with coaches from that prestigious school. This gives our teachers the passion and skills to deliver our exceptional, world-renowned arts program––part of the rich, diverse curriculum BISC-LP students experience.


By tackling real-world challenges across the subjects of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM), your child will develop transferable skills like flexibility, creativity, and communication. They’ll be encouraged to experiment, evolve a design thinking mindset, and learn that collaboration and critical thinking can solve even the trickiest problems.

Nord Anglia Education works with MIT to introduce your child to this innovative way of learning the STEAM subjects, which encourages creativity and experimentation, and teaches them how to apply their skills to real-world situations.

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Our social purpose

We teach your child to make a positive difference in the world—by drawing on their own strengths and talents. 

 Our social purpose

Our students understand the value of inclusivity and diversity, applying their respect and understanding for differences in their approach to how they lead their lives. This is why 94% of parents say their child is developing global awareness at school.

Our school community takes part in many local charity events inside and outside school. We hold various collection drives throughout the year to donate to local charity organizations, such as the Cradles to Crayons, Lakeview Pantry, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, Make a Wish Illinois, and Urban Rivers. 

In addition to their local contributions, our students also support charity efforts on a global scale. They’ve worked with UNICEF on worldwide relief efforts and to raise money to fund educational opportunities for children in need. As a school, we consistently focus on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Advanced learning environments

Our skilled teachers use innovative classroom technology to bring education to life, unlock every student’s potential, and ensure everyone at BISC-LP enjoys learning. 

Advanced learning environment

Our students benefit from learning beyond the traditional classroom. The specialist facilities on our campus include performing arts spaces like our music rooms, and a drama and dance studio. There are four modern foreign language classrooms for French and Spanish; a large full-size indoor gym; two indoor playgrounds; an art studio; our design lab; two science classrooms; a library; a community café; and, of course, our rooftop playground which overlooks the city. 

Pre-Nursery at BISC-LP has its own bespoke building, equipped for our youngest students to learn in an environment that suits their age, while our students from ages 3-11 learn in our main building.

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The Nord Anglia Education family 
When you join our thriving, international community, you become part of the Nord Anglia network of students, parents, and alumni.
The Nord Anglia Education family 

NAE schools deliver high-quality, transformational education, and ensure excellent academic outcomes by going beyond traditional learning. Our global scale enables us to recruit and retain world-leading teachers and offer unforgettable experiences through international and regional events, while our engaging learning environments ensure all our students love coming to school.

We involve parents in many aspects of school life–it’s common to see parents and guardians around the school. We offer regular forums for parents to tell us how they think we are doing in running BISC-LP. Previous sessions have included presentations by our athletics and performing arts departments, book clubs on social skills, and panels on various parenting topics, run by our learning resources department.

BISC-LP has a house system that creates a sense of community from our youngest to our oldest students. Every Friday, spirit day sees house challenges, which promotes healthy competition. Students cheer on their peers in their house and learn to win humbly and lose graciously.

Young student taking part in a play-based pre-nursery curriculum


We tailor our admissions process to your family’s needs and we’re here to help every step of the way.
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At the British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park, your child will experience a global learning community where they can start to create their future. Our outstanding teachers will guide them through amazing experiences, nurturing them into successful global citizens. Join us! 

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