Our students wear school uniforms to promote a focus on learning and to increase a sense of belonging and school pride.
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On this page you'll find guidelines for:


General Uniform Guidelines

All uniform items should be labeled with your child's full name.



PreNursery Uniform Guidelines
Nursery & Reception Uniform Guidelines
Year 1 & 2 Uniform Guidelines
Year 3 - 6 Uniform Guidelines


Spirit Wear (Every Friday)


Outdoor Winter Clothing

To play outside in cold and snowy conditions, all children should have the following items in school each day:



Stud earrings are permitted and should be removed or covered for all P.E. and Games lessons


Uniform Vendor

Logo uniform items should be purchased from Lands' End. Any non-logo uniform items (such as pants, skirts, socks, etc.) can be purchased from another vendor as long as the style is similar. White polo shirts worn under the pinafore dress or sweaters do not need a school logo; however, when worn alone, the school logo is required. 

Lands’ End

Tel: 1-800-963-4816 Preferred School Number: 900169194