Mike Henderson Executive Principal BISC South Loop
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Our school community consists of local and international students who benefit from a globally minded education and graduate with the necessary academic results, confidence, and life-skills to succeed at whatever they choose to pursue.
Mike Henderson
Executive Principal, British International School of Chicago, South Loop
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Personalized learning is at the heart of our education approach, which is why we work to understand how your child learns best and what truly inspires them. At the British International School of Chicago, South Loop, we make sure every moment of your child’s education count by supporting and challenging them all along their learning journey. 

Our Early Years program builds the foundation for your child’s learning, preparing them to advance to our British Primary School curriculum, which integrates the best components of the National Curriculum for England and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). 

Middle School at the British International School Chicago, South Loop focuses on further developing your child’s interests and encouraging them to embrace new challenges. And as one of the top IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) high schools in Chicago, we pave the way for students to enter prestigious universities worldwide.
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A LEARNING EXPERIENCE Designed For the future

Created by our world-leading education experts, our internationally recognized curriculum reimagines education through six key educational pillars.
BISC Chicago South Loop high school student
Academic excellence
Our approach to learning means that your child will achieve impressive results, opening pathways to the world's top universities and colleges.
BISC Chicago South Loop high school student
Academic excellence

Our highly personalized approach to learning, it’s what helps foster ambition and achievement in every student.

We take great care over the quality of education we provide and have robust systems in place to ensure our students achieve outstanding exam results; opening pathways to the universities and careers of their choice. In fact, Nord Anglia students consistently outperform those from other schools in every international examination.

The curricula we offer are respected all over the world – from the International Early Years Curriculum to IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This means your child has access to a world-leading education and can go on to study anywhere in the world.

BIS South Loop student on expedition
Exceptional learning experiences
At our school, learning stretches beyond the classroom, so your child can develop the confidence, teamwork and resilience they need to make their mark in the world.
BIS South Loop student on expedition
Exceptional learning experiences

In our schools, your child’s learning goes far beyond the classroom. Our transformative programs, collaborations, and experiences nurture our students’ talents, unlock their potential, and inspire them to go further than they ever thought possible.

Our expeditions are designed to broaden our students' perspectives and expose them to different cultures, people, and ideas. Your child will have access to global, regional, and local opportunities – and the chance to dig deep within themselves to find resilience and develop their leadership capabilities. At the same time, they will make lifelong friendships with people from all over the world.

Each year, about 2,000 Nord Anglia students travel to our camp in Arusha, Tanzania, to work on the practical tasks of building and maintaining school and village accommodation. At our center in Les Martinets, Switzerland, students undertake a week’s mountaineering and outdoor activity in self-led teams to overcome basic challenges such as cooking and navigation. Experiences like these, and many others, help students develop self-reliance, teamwork, and understanding of the lives and challenges of others.

British elementary school student at BISC South Loop
Advanced learning environments
We will ignite your child's imagination using the very best in teacher-led technology taught in Chicago's best international school facilities.
British elementary school students at BISC South Loop
Advanced learning environments

We bring your child’s learning to life with both world-class technology-enabled learning and school facilities that ignite their imagination. Our learning spaces and technology are designed to give students the best education possible – one that is fit for the future.

Each of our schools can seamlessly offer a Virtual School Experience, so there is a smooth transition between class-based and ‘home or away’ learning, if need. Virtual schooling is safe and secure, ensuring that your child’s learning will be uninterrupted. It also benefits from a wealth of curated content, drawing on the shared expertise of our 10,000 world-class teachers.

In this world of rapid change, we are always looking for new ways of unlocking students’ learning. That is why we are reimagining education by creating a teacher-led, technology-enabled school environment that will allow us to personalize the learning journey like never before.

BISC South Loop teacher helping primary school student
World-class teachers
Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools. This is why we invest in the world’s best, so your child learns more than they could ever imagine.
BISC South Loop teacher helping primary school student
World-class teachers

At Nord Anglia, we attract and hire the world’s best teachers and support them in their development so they can teach exciting and innovative learning materials that challenge and intrigue our students. To refine their skills, our teachers carry out annual professional development programs, learning about the latest discoveries and educational practices from subject experts. They also take classes and courses offered through our unique collaborations with MIT and The Juilliard School, so they are always ready to bring something new to the classroom.

Our global education team and advisory board are led by world-renowned academics and pioneers to ensure our offering inspires young minds. We continually invest in our teachers and offer development programs that are second to none. All of this reassures that we are always innovating and that our quality assurance and safeguarding measures are first class.

BIS South Loop students on volunteer trip
Our social purpose
We are a local international school that will teach your child how to make a positive difference in the world they live in.
BIS South Loop students on volunteer trip
Social purpose

Education has the power to change the world, which is why we help our students develop the creativity and resilience they need to make the world a better place. We are dedicated to encouraging students to become global change makers – ready to take on the world’s most pressing problems.

We know our students want to make their mark on the world and we work hard to empower them. Our global partnership with UNICEF helps open our students’ eyes to the world around them and encourages them to develop their own sense of purpose. Each year, our students support hundreds of local causes through activities with UNICEF and the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

On top of that, we encourage our students to deliver meaningful change through local outreach activities such Share A Dream program, where they can join fundraising and volunteering activities on issues they truly care about.

BISC Chicago South Loop early years students
The Nord Anglia Education family
When you join our diverse school community, you will become part of the Nord Anglia Education family of students, parents, and alumni; opening a world of opportunities.
BISC Chicago South Loop early years students
The Nord Anglia Education family

When you choose a Nord Anglia school, you and your child become part of a global community of students, parents, teachers, and alumni – opening a world of opportunities.

From Boston to Beijing, Hanoi to Hyderabad, and Dubai to Dublin, our diverse global community stretches across borders. We make sure that every child learns alongside students from different cultures and make friendships that last a lifetime.

Through Global Campus, our online learning platform, students work together across the globe. They develop a broader perspective on life and learn to appreciate different points of view. This is just one of the ways our students become responsible global citizens who are confident in a diverse, multicultural world. Students from our schools can meet up at regional events, connect through shared interests and experiences, and embrace diversity as a normal part of life.

When your child joins a Nord Anglia school, you become part of the community too. All our schools value the parent community and work closely to make sure parents are key part of  the school life. That includes making sure that parents are kept closely in touch with their child’s learning and development. 

According to our alumni feedback, students are better prepared for the transition to college, in comparison to their peers,  due to the personalized and rigorous instruction they received at BISC-SL.

Student enjoying a National Curriculum for England lesson


We personalize our admissions process to you and are here to help at every stage.
  • Contact us today to start your child's journey at BISC-SL  
  • Join us for a school tour or virtual discovery meeting
  • Submit an application
  • Financial aid available
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Every year, our students achieve top exam results and attend the world's top universities. 

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