Being a student at South Loop is about far more than receiving a world-leading education. With a vast array of first-class facilities on campus, every day is packed with exciting activities and stimulating experiences.
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Huge campus

There’s no end of places to explore in South Loop’s 98,000-square-foot purpose-built space. In their free time, students can enjoy the beautiful green surroundings, indulge themselves in a book in our two expansive libraries, or hang out with friends in our university-style kitchen and cafeteria. We even have a spacious rooftop park with fabulous views over Chicago!
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Sport and fitness

Our advanced sports and exercise facilities encourage students to get their hearts pumping, engage in healthy sporting competition, and focus on their personal fitness goals. There’s something for everyone thanks to our 9,000-square-foot gymnasium, weight room, outdoor soccer field, and fitness and dance studios.
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Advanced technology

Every classroom at South Loop contains interactive teaching technologies. Students have their own iPads for personalized learning and access to our state-of-the-art computer lab for more complex IT tasks, designed to enhance their computing abilities. What’s more, students are immersed in a world of innovation in our cutting-edge science and design technology labs. Our learning technologies empower teachers and students alike, and help children learn and work together in a way that transforms their education.
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Nurturing creativity

Every student expresses themselves differently. That’s why South Loop boasts so many fantastic creative facilities, including our modern industrial arts workshop, music suite with recording studio, and private music rehearsal rooms. In an environment containing all the technology they need to develop their artistic skills, it’s within every student’s grasp to find their “voice.”
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