We’ve put together a handy collection of resources for parents, so you can be sure your children get the most out of their time at South Loop.

BISC - South Loop Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Autumn Half-Term Break
Monday 11 Oct to Friday 15 Oct 2021
School Closed: Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday 22 Nov to Friday 26 Nov 2021
End of Autumn Term
Friday 17 Dec 2021
Winter Break
Monday 20 Dec 2021 to Monday 03 Jan 2022
School Closed: Staff Training Day
Tuesday 04 Jan 2022
Spring Term Begins
Wednesday 05 Jan 2022
School Closed: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday 17 Jan 2022
Parent Consultation Day (Secondary) Normal day for Primary
Thursday 17 Feb 2022
Secondary and Primary Consultation Day
Friday 18 Feb 2022
Spring Half-Term Break
Monday 21 Feb to Friday 25 Feb 2022
School Closed: Staff Training Day
Monday 28 Feb 2022
End of Spring Term
Friday 08 Apr 2022
Spring Break
Monday 11 Apr to Friday 22 Apr 2022
Summer Term Begins
Monday 25 Apr 2022
Summer Half-Term Break
Monday 30 May to Wednesday 01 Jun 2022
End of Summer Term
Friday Jun 24 2022


Cultivating children’s creativity is key to their happiness and success. South Loop offers many opportunities for students to express their artistry and individuality under the guidance of world-class educators.
For many students, learning an instrument is the first time they truly find their “voice.”
South Loop currently offers lessons in the following:
music theory.
We particularly welcome students with some previous experience in their chosen instrument, but all are invited to give music a go!
Create professionally choreographed pieces both recreationally and competitively.
Under the guidance of expert instructors, students dance to their hearts’ content in the development of smaller pieces and larger performance routines. Auditions are not required, although consistent attendance is necessary to participate in competitions with the team.
There’s no better way for students to boost their confidence than stepping into the spotlight.
Drama club is a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their improvisation and acting skills, as well as grow their self-esteem by working from scripted materials, playing drama games, and writing and performing their very own scripts.


Students take a well-earned break with their friends in our modern cafeteria, enjoying a healthy and nutritious meal freshly cooked by our experienced chefs.


Log in to the parents’ portal to update your child’s information and see any reports on their progress.
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  • How many students are in a class, and what is the student–teacher ratio?
    Our class sizes range from 12–22 depending on the year group. Our student–teacher ratio is 9:1. 
  • What languages do you offer, and when do they start?
    South Loop offers French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin. Spanish and French instruction spans from Nursery to Year 6. In Middle and High School, students may choose between any of the four languages on offer, or even study two.  
  • Are you a selective school?
    South Loop is academically non-selective, because we believe no one has a limit to their potential or ability. When considering applicants, we look to see if they share our values of respect, tolerance, and open-mindedness, and whether we can accommodate their individual needs to ensure they receive the best possible education.
  • How is your approach to teaching different from other schools’?
    South Loop implements Nord Anglia Education’s “Be Ambitious” approach to teaching. We are committed to developing children’s minds and relationships, as well as their understanding of their place within the community and the world at large. We achieve this by educating children to become:

    lifelong learners who are principled and empathetic
    tolerant and sensitive members of the school and community
    responsible, knowledgeable, and adaptable citizens ready to prosper in an ever-changing and challenging world
    future leaders
  • Do you have provisions for children with special educational needs?
    South Loop is an inclusive school. We understand not all children find it easy to learn. That’s why our Learning Support department provides targeted assistance for children who need extra help.
  • Where do your families live, and do you provide school buses?
    Our families come from all around Chicago, including South Loop, West Loop, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, Wicker Park, and Pilsen. We offer a bus from Lincoln Park.
  • As a parent, how can I get involved?
    South Loop encourages every parent to take an active role in school life and events. We offer Parent Representative roles to focus on building relationships in our learning community.
  • How does the school communicate with parents?
    South Loop stays in touch with parents through an array of mediums:
    face-to-face conversations, either at formally planned Parent Consultations or informal meetings at the request of parent or teacher
    each year group receives reports throughout the year
    email dialogue between teacher and parent
    online platforms where teachers post pictures and updates from your child’s class
    South Loop’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
    weekly newsletter highlighting events and activities
    regular coffee mornings where Mum and Dad can meet fellow parents in a more relaxed setting
  • Is a school lunch provided, and where is the food sourced from and made?
    The cafeteria is run by Quest Foods Management Services, who adhere to only the highest standards of food hygiene and preparation. Students may choose from a range of meals, and our healthy eating policy ensures each is nutritious and freshly cooked. Quest Foods has been operating for over 30 years, establishing itself as a culinary leader providing tailored dining experiences and wholesome, hearty meals. 
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