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News image IB - IB News
Unraveling the Appeal: Why the IB Program Captivates Colleges and Universities

In the vast landscape of secondary education systems, one stands out as a beacon of academic rigor and holistic development: the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Launched in the 1960s, the IB has gained global recognition and admiration for its comprehensive curriculum, emphasis on critical thinking, and commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Its appeal, however, extends beyond its challenging coursework. Colleges and universities worldwide find themselves drawn to IB graduates for a multitude of reasons, each reflective of the program's unique ethos and impact.

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News image School Search - School Search News
How To Ask The Right Questions on Your School Search
When you're looking for a school for your child, it's essential to ask a variety of questions to gather information and make an informed decision.
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News image Neurodivergent - Neurodivergent News
Five ways for parents to support neurodivergent learners
My child’s been diagnosed neurodivergent. What now? Our latest #NAEInsights feature looks at neurodiversity with guidance from experts on how parents can provide the support children might need.
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News image Come and Learn | BISC South Loop - Come and Learn News
Discover, Learn, Grow: Insights from our Primary Come and Learn Event
Our staff and students were delighted to welcome our Primary parents to our third Come and Learn event of the school year in February. It was the biggest turnout yet and the students did not disappoint.
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News image Metacognition - Metacognition News
The Power of Metacognition
We’re excited to share more cutting-edge INSIGHTS content: Metacognition. Helping Kids Unlock the Power to 'Thinking about Thinking'.
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Will AI and chatbots make kids smarter, or just make it easier to cheat?
There's no doubt AI is changing the education landscape. But are we seeing too many threats and too few opportunities?
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News image Metacognition in 60 seconds - Metacognition in 60 seconds News
Metacognition in 60 seconds
Educators define 'metacognition' as the process we all use to better understand our own thinking processes and problem-solving strategies. In the simplest terms it’s ‘thinking about thinking’ or being aware of how we learn best. Metacognitive skills are the techniques we use to learn and to understand ourselves as learners.
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INSIGHTS is back with all new online content for 2024, starting the year with another thought-provoking feature.

There’s plenty more INSIGHTS articles on the way each month, look out for more features coming soon.

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News image Understanding the IB Diploma | BIS Chicago, South Loop - Understanding the IB News
Understanding the IB Diploma Programme... in 60 seconds
What makes the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (aka the “IBDP”) stand out amongst other qualifications offered by schools? As the world’s largest IBDP provider, we’ve got a unique perspective.
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News image LEGO Education Ambassador | BIS Chicago, South Loop - LEGO Education Ambassador News
Year 1 Teacher Daniel Quinn Selected as a LEGO® Education Ambassador​

LEGO® Education acknowledges educators who are reimagining the way students learn

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News image A week at MIT | BIS Chicago, South Loop - A week at MIT News
A week at MIT: What our collaboration offers students like me | By Katya
I’m Katya, a Year 12 student at the British International School of Chicago, South Loop where I’ve attended since Year 4. Last month, I was lucky enough to participate in a week-long event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, made possible thanks to the collaboration Nord Anglia Education has.
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News image Top 10 key points in choosing the Chicago private school for your child - Top 10 key points News
Top 10 key points in choosing the Chicago private school for your child

Navigating the private school landscape in Chicago can be an important decision for parents seeking the best education for their children. Here are some key points to consider and steps to follow when exploring private schools in Chicago.

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News image Insights Magazine - Insights Magazine News | Admissions | Community Outreach | Educational Insights
Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education

Leading international schools provider Nord Anglia Education today announced the launch of its groundbreaking new education magazine called INSIGHTS.

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News image 2023 Niche Rankings | BIS Chicago, South Loop - 2023 Niche Rankings News | Admissions | Educational Insights | homefeatured
BISC-South Loop Ranked amongst top schools in America

British International School of Chicago, South Loop announced today that ranked them among the best private schools across the country.

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News image Transitioning To A New School | BIS Chicago South Loop - Transitioning To A New School News | homefeatured | homepagefeaturedarticle | News From Our Schools
Transitioning To A New School
Transitioning to a new school can indeed be challenging. It involves adapting to a new environment, making new friends, and getting used to different academic expectations. Isla and Allison have documented what their transition to British International School of Chicago, South Loop was like for them.
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News image Importance of Dance | BIS Chicago, South Loop - Importance of Dance News
Importance of Dance in Primary School
Dance plays a crucial role in Primary School as it offers a wide range of benefits for students' physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Because of the positive impact on students', British International School of Chicago, South Loop incorporated dance into our curriculum.
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News image AI and Education | BIS Chicago, South Loop - AI News | Admissions
Artificial Intelligence and education. Our perspective.
If you’re about to start reading this article – spoiler alert – it wasn’t written by ChatGPT. ChatGPT has made AI feel, well, real. In the blink of an eye awkward AI generated writing has now become more sophisticated and life-like. It’s almost, but not quite, like the real thing.
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News image BISC-SL Graduation Ceremony 2022 News
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2023.
Our graduates were accepted to 104 colleges and universities and had a wide range of options for their higher education. Out of those 104 acceptances, they have decided to attend 28 different colleges and universities.
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News image IB Results | BIS Chicago, South Loop - IB Results News
Celebrate our Class of 2023 International Baccalaureate results
It is with great delight and pride that we celebrate the remarkable International Baccalaureate (IB) results achieved by the graduating class of 2023 at the British International School of Chicago, South Loop.
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News image BISC-SL Graduation Ceremony Blog
Comparing UK Year Groups to US Grade
The differences between UK year groups and US grades can be confusing. Here you can better understand your child’s school year or grade, based on their age.
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