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September 30, 2014

Display Boards 2014

Display Boards 2014-display-boards-2014-9560autumntree
Display Boards 2014

The new display boards are complete - and they look amazing!

Display Boards 2014 Take a look at the winning boards!

The new display boards are complete - and they look amazing!

With the new school year in full swing, the teachers have been working hard to make the hallways look fantastic! The school decided to keep a literacy theme in the hallways and the main boards outside the elevators depict a tree of growth to show the children’s targets and personal goals. I think you will all agree that the staff have done a fabulous job on the displays and I would like to announce the winners for the Autumn Term! 

In Nursery, the prize went to Ellen Morrisroe and Noelia Vargas for their display, "Itsy Bitsy Spider." In Reception, the prize went to Laura Todd and Vivianne Azpeitia for their work on the large 3D book as you exit into the garage - it is definitely impressive! 

In Year 1 the prize went to Kevwe Orere and Judith Martinez for their "Connectives" display; they photographed each child and placed them in the various settings - very cute. In Year 2, Victoria Richardson and Melissa Corzo created a great display for imperative verbs. If you don’t know how to make a clown hat, I suggest you check it out!

In Year 3 the prize went to Gemma Butterworth for a fabulous poetry display with a great 3D tree. In Year 4, the prize went to Demelza Wheeler-Ozanne for a wonderful interactive display with movable pages and magnets to keep pages closed. In Year 5 the prize goes to Mairi Campbell for the "How to Rescue Sooty" board, which makes good use of the space around the board and contains lovely 3D elements. In Year 6 the prize went to Claire Harris and the Year 6 team for the amazing library display.

The specialist prize went to the learning resource team, Lauren Miller, Dougie McNeill, and Emma Scott, for their bowl of spaghetti! Finally, the winner of the main board was KS1 with their Autumn Tree of Growth.

Thank you to all of our staff members for working so hard on the display boards and making our school look so fantastic!

Justine Girard, Art Specialist