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March 13, 2015

Specialists - 3/13/15

Specialists - 3/13/15-specialists--3-13-15-11167img_3913
Specialists - 3/13/15
Specialists - 3/13/15

In Art this week Year 6 were making wire sculptures in the style of Alberto Giacometti. 


Friday mornings are Ukulele and Guitar practice session times. Children can come to the Music Department 8:00-8:30am to practice these instruments. There have been some wonderful sounds coming from the practice rooms today!


Year 4 have started their new topic on Forces and during this term they have been learning to recognize how forces can affect how fast or slow an object can go.  Last week they  focused on how forces can affect movement.  Students managed to learn about low and high fiction and carried out investigations using Newton meters to find out about the effects of friction.  They investigated different surfaces to find out which affected how fast a car slid down a ramp.  This week the students focused on the effect of air resistance and gravity on objects moving through air.  Learning to draw simple force diagrams, they also had fun making parachutes and used them to investigate whether the canopy size makes a difference to how fast an object falls.  


To celebrate World Book Day, Year 4 learned about the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. We researched his life and his most famous book, Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605 & 1615), a parody of chivalric novels. The book follows the adventures of an older gentleman who believes he is a knight. We also created a short play of Chapter 8 whereby the main protagonist, Don Quixote, fights several windmills thinking that they are giants.