Construction Update - April 2015-construction-update--april-2015-Nord Anglia Education
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April 13, 2015

Construction Update - April 2015

Construction Update - April 2015-construction-update--april-2015-11331secondflooreasthallwaywithdoorsandlockers
Construction Update - April 2015
Construction Update - April 2015 Construction is progressing nicely at our new South Loop campus

A lot has been happening at our South Loop campus! Construction is moving along on schedule and the building is looking fantastic both inside and out. We have some great new photos showing the exterior and interior spaces, and you can see how the various common spaces and classrooms are really starting to take shape.

Here's some details on the recent work taking place:

  • Painting on all floors is ongoing and nearing completion. 
  • Some carpet is beginning to be installed and in areas of the building flooring is beginning to take shape.
  • Epoxy flooring is ongoing in all spaces (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) and sheet floor preparation will begin in two weeks. 
  • The gymnasium flooring is in progress and the striping preparation has begun for the various sports that will be played. 
  • All lockers have now been installed into the building. Numbers are beginning to be added and disabled lockers have been installed also. 
  • Kitchen equipment is beginning to arrive on site and is being installed into the lower level space. 
  • Handrails are being installed on all major stairwells and wall finishes and ceiling completion is in progress in each stair set. 
  • Bathroom trim work is finishing up and sinks have been mobilized, facilities installed, and flooring placed down and being left to sit and form. 
  • Rooftop space has seen significant progress and pathways have begun to be poured. It is anticipated that trees and soil will begin to be installed in the coming 2-3 weeks. 
  • Soccer field excavation is in progress and flag pole locations have been identified and preliminary planning has begun.