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May 22, 2015

Specialists - 5/22/15

Specialists - 5/22/15-specialists--5-22-15-11570photo36
Specialists - 5/22/15
Specialists - 5/22/15

This week Reception completed their own Jackson Pollock painting. They learned facts about the artist and his painting technique.


We were AMAZED with the KS1 concerts this week! Year 1 and Year 2 students performed with so much energy and enthusiasm. We loved watching the different performances about the seasons. Well done everyone!


Year 2 have continued to build their trioramas to show the conditions in the habitats that they researched. They are now thinking about how animals are adapted to living in those conditions. Do you know what a camel’s hump contains?

Year 3 have been planning and carrying out investigations to test how increasing potential energy in elastic bands affects the movement of a car. They have had great fun using the legs of our lab stools to make sling shots and are now really taking care with planning fair tests.

Year 5 have been interpreting data they gathered last week to answer the questions how does my heart rate change after exercise. They have drawn a line graph and then thought carefully about anomalous results and also commented on what the graph shows them.

Year 1 have come to the end of their mini-unit on lifecycles by studying the life cycle of the majestic dragon fly. They learned that dragon fly nymphs spend up to six years in the ponds and then when they turn into their adult forms they only live for about two months! 


Reception children have been learning full sentences in French to describe what they look like. They can talk about their hair and eye color, if they wear glasses, and even if they have a beard or a mustache (our favorites!). 


In PE this week the students were being Messi! Year 2 were learning the correct technique for shooting the soccer ball with power and accuracy. Obviously the all-important goal celebrations were on display too!