The Herring Art Show Project: A Visual Essay-the-herring-art-show-project-a-visual-essay-Nord Anglia Education
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June 19, 2015

The Herring Art Show Project: A Visual Essay

The Herring Art Show Project: A Visual Essay-the-herring-art-show-project-a-visual-essay-11856image8
The Herring Art Show Project: A Visual Essay
The Herring Art Show Project: A Visual Essay

Last week, the Art department had a second art exhibit at a nearby gallery on Halsted. The votes were in, and a selection of work, inspired by Winslow Homer’s The Herring Net, was exhibited for a viewing at the Floating World Gallery. The turnout was wonderful, and the look of excitement on the children’s faces was priceless. 

Many existing BISC families, prospective families, teachers and members of the community came to celebrate the incredible talent in the primary school. At last count, 180 adults and 115 children attended. The evening was a success, and one that will need to be repeated. 

It was wonderful to see to the children’s faces, as they walked into the gallery. The pieces displayed showed a range of the different projects produced from Nursery to Year 6. The concepts for each project showed just how creative the children had been with the theme.

One of the highlights was the whole school piece, made up of 640 scales. Every child painted a scale, and it was lovely to see a collaboration of all ages. The finished piece depicted a pixelated version of the The Herring Net

The nautical theme was clear throughout all the pieces, and together they worked effectively to give a clear inspiring representation of The Herring Net

Once again, a huge congratulations to the Art team for making this possible and a massive thank you to all the staff,  parents and children who attended the event. This has been an exciting and enriching experience for all involved. Once more, we are hoping to making this an annual event.