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December 03, 2015

Treasure Hunt, Anyone?

Treasure Hunt, Anyone?-treasure-hunt-anyone-year 7 math
Treasure Hunt, Anyone?
Treasure Hunt, Anyone? Read how one Math teacher engages students’ unique learning styles with an out-of-the-box activity.

By Mrs. Julie Connor, Math Specialist

In the Math Department, we are constantly creating innovative, challenging lessons that engage our students’ unique learning styles. One of the favorite activities of my Year 7 class is a treasure hunt. I develop math problems and post them on cards, which are differentiated using a color-coded system. Students then move about the classroom, selecting and completing math problems based on the color and corresponding level of challenge that best suits them. This activity promotes many key skills, such as collaborating with peers, and enables students to work at their own pace. On top of this, students receive immediate feedback on their solutions, and if they haven't yet discovered the solution, the treasure hunt continues!