Primary Basketball Teams Take 2 Wins with 1 Week to Go-primary-basketball-teams-take-2-wins-with-1-week-to-go-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
March 22, 2016

Primary Basketball Teams Take 2 Wins with 1 Week to Go

Primary Basketball Teams Take 2 Wins with 1 Week to Go-primary-basketball-teams-take-2-wins-with-1-week-to-go-prim girls bball team_piper
Primary Basketball Teams Take 2 Wins with 1 Week to Go
Primary Basketball Teams Take 2 Wins with 1 Week to Go The Primary Basketball Season is winding down, but the Bulldogs keep on winning.


The Bulldog Boys looked to continue their superb form against BISC Lincoln Park on Tuesday, but it was Lincoln Park who put the Bulldogs on the back foot. Our opponents tightened their defense, making it hard for us to play swing offense. Still, we never lost our composure and soon found ourselves in control of the game, taking a 14-6 lead going into half-time. For most of the second half, we used our bench players. They played with total conviction and lots of energy! Thanks to all players, the Bulldogs walked away with a comfortable 23-18 win.

On Thursday, the boys travelled to St. Sylvester hoping for a win that would skyrocket the team to a 6-1 record in the league. The Year 6 boys played the first eight minutes with tons of energy, which fueled our early 8-0 lead. In the remaining 14 minutes, the Year 5 boys extended the lead to 12-3 through patience and intense team defense. The second half of the game buttoned it up for the Bulldogs. We grew our lead to 15-5 thanks to confident play and improved technique by the Year 5 boys. Congrats on a 19-10 win!


On Tuesday we faced BISC Lincoln Park and aimed to show off our improved offense by scoring more buckets than in our last match. The girls started the game a bit nervous, which affected their play. We struggled to open up gaps on offense and defend against Lincoln Park’s strong drives to the basket. Thanks to a real team effort, we hit our target of scoring more points. Still, we couldn’t overcome Lincoln Park’s offense and took a loss.

Next up was St. Sylvester on Thursday. We walked away with a win the last time we played, which gave the lady Bulldogs a boost of confidence to start. Rania scored a great lay-up after stealing the ball, and Zahara, a new team member, showed great confidence in her second game. Iman, Eva and Aria all played in forward positions, pressing the ball on defense. Caterina and Jane made some good drives to the basket, and Sophia showed progression in post-play and rebounding. Chloe had another excellent game, showing exceptional work rate, while Francesca developed her ability to switch hands while dribbling. Natalie had a good game for defensive rebounds, and she is improving her movement on offense. The girls looked great! But we couldn’t hold back our opponent, and we lost.

Both teams play their last games of the season during the week of March 21. Come out and cheer them on!

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