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May 17, 2017

Way to Go, History Buffs

Way to Go, History Buffs-way-to-go-history-buffs-IMG_6025
Way to Go, History Buffs
Way to Go, History Buffs Students won a Ribbon of Excellence at the state history fair.

For the third consecutive year, the Bulldogs competed in Illinois History Day, a statewide history fair in Springfield, Illinois.

Competing in Illinois History Day is a huge achievement. Of the 15,000 projects submitted by students across the state, only the top five percent qualify for the state competition. Plus, the Bulldogs won a Ribbon of Excellence!

Liam, Tooni, Sofi and Eddy qualified after outstanding exhibitions at our Middle School History Fair and the Chicago Metro History Fair.

Our students’ project analyzed the first women to win a Nobel Peace Prize, who took a stand for the rights of women and immigrants in Chicago. The exhibit is on display outside the Social Studies area.