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February 27, 2018

5x Math Success

5x Math Success-5x-math-success-Emre Mutlu ARML
5x Math Success

Wow! Students achieved incredible results at five math contests.

5x Math Success Wow! Students achieved incredible results at five recent math competitions.

Wow! Students achieved incredible results at five math contests.

American Regions Mathematics League

Emre (Year 11) qualified for the top Chicago team in the ARML, which brings together the nation’s finest high school students for the “World Series” of math contests. In June, Emre and his teammates will represent the city at the Annual ARML Competition, challenging 120+ teams from almost every state.

Latin School Middle School Mathematics Competition

This year more than 300 students from 19 Chicago schools participated in this contest for children in Year 6-9. Our students achieved great results! The Year 9 team (Julian, Lucas, Jude and Devon) won fifth place in the team round, while Dominic won third place in the Year 8 individual round.

UKMT Intermediate Competition

Each year students in Year 9-11 take part in the UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Math Contest during lessons. Students from 4,000 schools worldwide compete, with the top 40% of scorers receiving a Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificate. Twenty-two of our students earned a certificate:

  • GOLD: Julian and Lucas (Year 9)
  • SILVER: Luca, Jude, Jacob, Alina (Year 9); Alessia, Sidharth (Year 10)
  • BRONZE: Deniz, Abeedah, Andrew, Nicholas, Georgia, Natalie, Kishan, Rossana, Grace, Nicolas, Kiran (Year 9); Neha, Remy, Albert (Year 10)

Dominic (Year 8) scored among the top 500 participants, qualifying for the Cayley Olympiad competition.

Julian and Lucas (Year 9) qualified for the Grey Kangaroo competition, which is for the top 8,000 scorers worldwide.

Good luck to Dominic, Julian and Lucas as they prepare to compete in March!


Our high school students won first place overall at the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Math Contest. Our students embraced greater challenge this year, competing in the division for high schools with 400-1,099 students. Their great results qualified the school for the state competition in May!

First Place Finishes

  • Algebra 1 Team: Keion, Rojaun, Nika, Jason, Alicia (Year 11); Ryan (Year 10)
  • Algebra 2 Individual: Emre (Year 11)
  • Calculator Team: Nika, Jason (Year 11); Megan, Oliver (Year 12)
  • Freshman/Sophomore 2-Person Team: Emre (Year 11) and Ryan (Year 10)
  • Freshman/Sophomore 8-Person Team: Emre, Nika, Jason, Keion, Rojaun (Year 11); Ryan (Year 10)
  • Junior/Senior 8-Person Team: Oliver, Megan, Rafael, Vanya (Year 12); Theo (Year 13)

Second Place Finishes

  • Algebra 1 Individual: Tie - Keion and Rojaun (Year 11)
  • Algebra 2 Individual: Oliver (Year 12)
  • Algebra 2 Team: Megan, Oliver (Year 12); Emre (Year 11)
  • Pre Calculus Individual: Vanya (Year 12), Theo (Year 13)
  • Pre Calculus Team: Vanya, Rafael (Year 12); Theo (Year 13)

Our middle school students did fantastic at the Chicago Chapter MATHCOUNTS Competition. Andrew, Jude, Chris (Year 9), and Dominic (Year 8) won second place in the private school division. On top of that, Dominic placed eighth overall. Well done to all of our individual and team competitors!