Our sixth form team, specialist subject teachers, and university counsellor will help your child choose and apply for university. This includes guiding your family through the application process.
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University and career guidance at BSKL

As well as having close links with universities in Malaysia and around the world, we offer a range of bespoke support. This includes university visits, additional summer courses, help with applying to US and UK institutions, and advice sessions with BSKL alumni.


From Year 10, students are encouraged to consider future choices in higher education, as well as career opportunities post-sixth form. We organise higher education information sessions for students and parents which guide them through the university application process. The vast majority aspire to study at Russell Group universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge, while the USA is also a popular university destination.


Our Careers Office is dedicated to providing students with the appropriate information they need to apply, as well as assisting with mock interviews and writing the personal statement. Students attend university and careers fairs locally, and the school hosts Admissions Officers from universities in the UK, USA, Malaysia, and Australia. Post-IGCSE, our Year 11 students attend a one-week higher education conference in the UK or Malaysia: this is an opportunity to visit a range of top universities, meet admissions tutors, and begin to refine their degree aspirations ahead of A-level courses.


All our students join the Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO) Futurewise programme, which provides personalised careers information and feedback.


Please find below a list of support available to all students and parents in Years 10-13.


University visits: we host representatives from universities across the globe. We also offer one international trip per student. This can be tailored to their needs, but will likely include taster courses and/or university visits. There is flexibility within this programme and students will take responsibility for identifying what experience will add most value.


Summer courses: as the competition for places at top universities increases, summer programmes (many held on university campuses) are becoming increasingly popular. Each year, we arrange for speakers to come into to school to present information about these courses. A comprehensive list of providers will be sent to parents.


SATs/ACT: for those considering applications to US universities, in-depth support will be given to students preparing for SAT and ACT examinations.


Work experience: this is an increasingly important way of adding value to university applications. As part of our sixth form provision, all Year 12 students organise a meaningful and relevant work placement lasting at least one week.


University applications: all students receive one-to-one support to complete their university application and write their personal statements. We believe this personalised service gives all our students the best possible chance of obtaining offers from top universities around the world.


One-to-one discussions: parents and students are always welcome to contact the Head of Sixth Form to arrange a one-to-one appointment to discuss any individual concerns or questions regarding the IGCSE or A-level programmes.


Experts in residence: this unique arrangement provides access to leaders across many subject fields, including economists, scientists, mathematicians, linguists, engineers, and artists. Building long lasting links with leaders in their fields stretches students beyond the curriculum.


An overview of the university application process is below:

Year 11


Year 12


Year 13