One of the leading foreign language schools in Malaysia, BSKL is passionate about enriching our students' education through immersive cultural experiences. Our comprehensive language learning programme will equip your child with the skills they need to thrive here, at university, and across the globe.
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Foreign languages at BSKL

Our exciting, interactive approach to language learning gives our students the skills and qualifications essential to future success. We focus on skills like empathy and creativity, as well as developing cultural insight, understanding, and the ability to communicate effectively. We offer courses in Mandarin, Spanish, French, and Bahasa.


Language curriculum overview

Key Stage 1 and 2 (Years 1-6)

At primary, Mandarin or Spanish are taught to pupils at an appropriate level. Students not only enjoy learning the language, but also discovering the heritage and customs of culture. Throughout the year, a range of special events celebrate the cultural diversity of our school and Malaysia. 


Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

In Years 7-9, all our students study two languages. They can choose from French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Malaysian students also study Bahasa (one hour a week).


We follow the French course book ‘Studio’, the Spanish course book ‘Mira’, and use our own in-house resources for Mandarin and Bahasa. We make use of the schemes of work, assessment resources, and additional exercises. Each student covers six modules in each language over the course of the year.


Where possible, we try to group students according to ability in French and Spanish lessons. In Mandarin and Bahasa, students are tested in their first lesson in Year 7 and are grouped (roughly) according to ability and class size.


Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

Students learn in mixed ability groups, which are defined by their option blocks, before studying for their IGCSE exams. They can choose between French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Bahasa. For both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, Mandarin is offered at three different levels: Chinese as a Modern Foreign Language, Chinese as a Second Language, and Chinese as a First Language.


Key Stage 5 (sixth form)

We currently offer French at Key Stage 5 and follow the AQA A-level course. We pride ourselves on having small groups that mean we can fully support each student. We also offer both Spanish and Mandarin at A-level.


Teaching and learning styles

We blend traditional and modern styles, using a variety of methods such as direct, audio-lingual, communicative, and autonomous. Teaching will be conducted, as far as is appropriate, in the target language, and all four attainment targets are practiced in each lesson.


A variety of resources are used to deliver the curriculum. These include audiovisual (DVDs, YouTube videos, computers, laptops, IWBs), audio-lingual (CDs, language assistants, songs, videos), printed materials (various textbooks, authentic materials, worksheets), and oral stimulants (games, puzzles, crosswords, tongue twisters). We aim to recognise and meet the individual learning needs of each student so they can fulfil their true potential.


Ethos and aims

We develop our students' ability to:

1. Communicate freely and confidently in a foreign language.

2. Listen and understand a language as spoken by a native speaker, both in detailed and gist comprehension.

3. Understand written messages in a foreign language.

4. Write simple but clear messages in the foreign language using a variety of tenses where applicable.

5. Gain an understanding of another culture.

6. Develop favourable attitudes towards learning:

7. Foster attitudes and develop skills, which can have vocational relevance:


Enrichment activities

We offer a number of enrichment activities that enhance language learning, such as attending a French cooking class, putting on a show for a Chinese New Year assembly, or eating at a Spanish tapas restaurant. These activities may take place during the school day, at an after-school club, or as a weekend trip.


In addition to the four main languages (Mandarin, French, Spanish and Bahasa), students have the opportunity to learn another language, such as Japanese or German. Our students also take part in various competitions, both in-house and international, such as the Language Perfect competition – a popular online site for schools across the world. These enrichment activities nurture the interests of our students and enhance classroom learning.