Our exclusive collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) brings science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEAM) learning to life. Your child will create, build, and discover through practical activities and real-world challenges.
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By tackling real-world science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) challenges, your child will develop important transferable skills such as flexibility, creativity, and communication. They'll be encouraged to experiment rather than wait for instructions, and will learn that collaboration and critical thinking can solve even the trickiest problems.

Nord Anglia Education is also working with MIT to introduce your child to this innovative way of learning, which encourages creativity, experimentation, and teaches them how to apply their skills to real-world situations.


Watch our film to learn more about our collaboration with MIT.



In-school challenges

Science and technology are traditionally taught separately. Used together they are tools for cracking some of the world’s greatest puzzles. Our in-school challenges encourage students to work together every term to find innovative and creative solutions to complex problems. For example, thousands of students at Nord Anglia schools from around the world blended ingenuity and imagination to construct a chain reaction machine. Amazing things happen when you blend the natural curiosity of youth with the learning style of one of the world’s most influential universities.


STEAM teacher workshops

Our STEAM teachers participate in workshops at MIT that place them at the forefront of STEAM research and thinking. Every summer, Nord Anglia teachers visit MIT to receive hands-on training from researchers and renowned academics. Activities include discussions and workshops with leading engineers and scientists about topics like climate change, bio-engineering, and space exploration.


Experience MIT

Every spring term, Nord Anglia students visit MIT to immerse themselves in a culture of hands-on problem-solving. Your child will meet leading MIT scientists, build and experiment in workshops, and learn about the new discoveries that will shape their future. Activities during the MIT visit include everything from building robots to bioengineering and coding. Your child will also have a chance to visit MIT and Harvard, where they'll experience student life at the world's top universities.