02 June, 2023

Parent Partnership Session - Professional Learning

Parent Partnership - Professional Learning
Parent Partnership Session - Professional Learning
Dr O’Connor led this week’s Parents Partnership assembly, sharing the school’s vision around professional learning and recruitment for teachers at BSKL. 

He explained the strategies already in place for recruiting world-class teachers to the school. These include:

  • Rigorous safe recruitment practises including the checking of qualifications and references, criminal background checks in all countries candidates have lived in, an extensive interview process and a thorough induction period followed by ongoing professional learning

  • Maintaining a positive retention rate. BKSL’s retention rate is 90%, the average is 70%

  • BSKL only hires teachers with teaching qualifications, but the school is targeting recruiting teachers with advanced/higher degrees in addition to their teaching qualifications

  • Encourage ongoing personal development as a person

BSKL’s strategic plan identifies five key priorities supported by golden threads that will drive the school forward and further strengthen our commitment to world-class teachers. The golden threads focus on developing excellent teacher practitioners and having a culture of informed, connected, and compassionate teachers and staff. Dr O’Connor also shared some of the tactics and measurement methods for achieving the golden threads and the five priorities around teaching within the strategic plan.

Lastly, Dr O’Connor outlined some of the professional learning activities available to our teachers. 

All teachers participate in required professional learning activities. These include five In-Service Education and Training (INSET) each academic year, covering a variety of training topics. In addition to INSET, each week professional learning topics form the basis of after-school staff meetings and faculty/year level meetings.

There are many additional professional learning opportunities available to our teachers. Nord Anglia Education operates a professional Master’s in International Education through King’s College London which provides a free degree program for selected candidates. BSKL’s had several candidates enrol and complete this program since joining Nord Anglia. There are also taught leadership programs for middle leadership, senior leadership, and aspiring principals. Teachers also have access to self-paced online coursework on dozens of topics through Nord Anglia University. All these opportunities are programs are exclusive to Nord Anglia teachers.

Externally, our teachers have professional learning opportunities through local and regional organisations like AIMS and FOBISIA. Both organisations host workshops and learning sessions across a wide range of topics. Furthermore, our teachers can share their expertise by leading workshops through these organisations. This year Dr Geddes, Mr Harron, and others have all led professional learning sessions for their colleagues at BSKL and across the region.

Dr O’Connor’s final message reiterated the high-quality teachers and the exceptional teaching practise already in place at BSKL, while also demonstrating the school leadership’s unrelenting focus on further development of excellent practitioners.