At BSKL, we welcome children and families from across the world. You can check Malaysian visa requirements here.
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BSKL is required to keep a copy of visas for all students and parents. In addition, non-resident visa types also need to have a Permit to Study stamp in their passports for each year of their education in Malaysia.


Permit to Study stamp

Employment Pass Holders (and their dependents), Resident Pass Holders (and their dependents), and Diplomatic Pass Holders (and their dependents) need to have a Permit to Study stamp in their visa.


Generally your employer, embassy, or visa agent will submit the application for a Permit to Study stamp to the Immigration Office. If you need an enrolment letter, please get in touch with our visa liaison.


Student pass visa types

Malaysia grants student passes to qualifying individuals so they can study at an international school. One guardian pass is allowed for each student pass holder. Dependent passes are also available for younger siblings who are not old enough to attend school.


Student pass application process


Please contact our visa liaison who will guide you through the process.