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20 January, 2017

Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) Volleyball Tournament

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Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) Volleyball Tournament
Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) Volleyball Tournament

On Thursday, January 19th, 2 teams of our finest volleyball players left BVIS Royal City to make the short journey to the United Nations International School, Hanoi and compete in their first Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) Volleyball Tournament. The competition was well attended, with 8 teams from UNIS and 2 teams respectively from ourselves, BIS and HIS.

We arrived and began to practice, the Y5 team working together well, mirrored by the Y6 team. Games were staggered so that both teams had the opportunity to watch the other compete; and as spectators they had so much to watch! Both teams played exceptionally well, defeating virtually every team they came up against – together 9 games were played and only one game was lost! Some of the scores were outstanding – 24-6, 26-6, 25-10. Everyone performed to the best of their abilities, each player focused and alert. Communication was excellent. It was a great display of BVIS Primary Power! An excellent job by all! Well done BVIS Volleyball squad!

Mr Harry Brookfield - PE Teacher