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24 February, 2017

Year 2 - IPC Transport Exit Point

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Year 2 - IPC Transport Exit Point
Year 2 - IPC Transport Exit Point

On Thursday 16 February, Year 2 celebrated their IPC Transport Exit Point. In order to join the competition, Year 2 students had to prepare and bring to school plastic bottles, containers, toilet roll holders, egg boxes and other resources , then design and create different  modes of transport. This activity not only helped the students to draw on all their learning but was also a great opportunity to build on their understanding of their learning. Every student was so excited and talked about this for the whole week! The best part of this day was sharing it with parents and family who participated enthusiastically. After an hour and a half, everyone was so surprised to see many creative transport models such as rockets, cars, bicycles, boats and buses.  All of the Year 2 team would like to thank families for making this event so successful. Thank you very much!

Ms Trang Hoang - Y2 Teacher