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06 October, 2017

Moon Festival fun in the Early Years!

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Moon Festival fun in the Early Years!
Moon Festival fun in the Early Years! The Early Years was buzzing with excitement this week as all the children prepared to perform on stage for their family and friends

The Early Years was buzzing with excitement this week as all the children prepared to perform on stage for their family and friends.

F1 were incredibly brave as this was their very first time on the stage. They paraded their outfits and went back up a second time to perform their song. They were met with smiles and cheers and although not everyone joined in with the dancing they all had a great time. As part of the learning in the Early Years, we encourage all the children to develop their independence and confidence, for example, by leaving their parents/carers in the morning and by joining in with whole class singing and dancing activities.

There were no tears in F2, as they all confidently moved across the stage to prepare for their performance. They followed the actions and we could hear them singing the words. At this age, the children are developing their spoken language in both Vietnamese and English by mimicking the sounds and adopting the pronunciation of the words. With young children, their brains are open to new sounds and patterns which helps them to pick up different languages more quickly. I am sure they have been humming this song at home and if you manage to catch it on camera, don’t forget to share it with your child’s class teacher on their Tapestry account.

The last year groups to perform were F3 who not only sung and danced on the stage but they also performed a dragon dance around the auditorium. Three of the children helped with the drumming. This all took a lot of coordination, concentration and enthusiasm. They had to move around carefully with their heads under the dragon’s tail. Everyone relied upon the person in front of them to lead the way.

We ended the morning with a professional company dancing around the auditorium. The children were delighted and enthralled by the way the two dragons moved around and the loud sound of the drumming and percussion instruments. Some of them talked about the drumming afterwards and the way the men inside the dragon jumped on each other’s shoulders. Maybe some of the children will develop into gymnasts or musicians in the future…who knows?’

The number of family and friends at this event was just fantastic. Thank you so much for supporting your children and their friends. It is so important for the children to see that we all value what they do and they definitely felt proud showing you on Wednesday.

Please let me end this update with a quote:

‘Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.’ Michael J.Fox

We hope that you all feel part of the BVIS family and we all look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Ms Julie Walton

Early Years Leader