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29 June, 2018

Summer holiday time for the Early Years’

Summer holiday time for the Early Years’
Summer holiday time for the Early Years’

Another year has come to an end in Early Years’ and what a wonderful time we have all had. Just looking back at some of the photos from August 2017, we can see how all your children have not only grown but they have really matured. They are now ready for those new challenges that they will get by moving into an older year group.

Over the Summer, let this be a time where you have lots of fun but also a time when you can start preparing your child for their new experiences and class in the next academic year. I know all the children are really excited about moving up and getting older.

Some of you will be joining us for Summer School and I know the teachers have got some exciting activities for you all to join in with. If you are travelling over the holidays, please stay safe and remember to take lots of pictures to share with your new teachers when you return.

This year, we say goodbye to our wonderful teacher, Ms Joanne Santos, who has been here since the school started. We are very sad to see her leave but we are pleased that she will now be join all of her family at one of our other Nord Anglia schools in Ho Chi Minh City. We wish her and her children all the very best in the future.

A huge thank you to all the Early Years’ staff who not only prepared lots of goodbye parties this week but also put together an amazing F3 performance for all the parents. We know the F3 will really continue to do well in Year 1 and we wish them all the best with this next step in their academic careers.


On a final note, all the Early Years’ staff would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who supported us over the year through cooking, attending performances, joining in with training sessions and welcoming new parents. Your support is so important to us and it makes a huge difference in your child’s confidence and academic progress.

Have a lovely Summer holiday!

Kind regards.

Miss Julie Walton

Head of Early Years