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31 May, 2019

EYFS Weekly Updates 31/05/2019 from Ms. Julianna Walton

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EYFS Weekly Updates 31/05/2019 from Ms. Julianna Walton

We have a wonderful library in the Early Years which provides a lot of opportunities for the children to pursue their love of books. On a weekly basis, each class visits the library and meets the librarians for story time. They are able to select a book that they want to take home and read. Books include a huge variety of fiction and non-fiction in both English and Vietnamese. Some of the books have flaps, moving parts and sensory pages to really engage all the ages.


Within the library, the children are starting to learn basic cataloguing skills as the books are ordered by the first letter of each author's surname. All the children can select books, read them and know how to return them to the correct shelves by looking at the letters. This is a perfect way to encourage the children to use the library at such an early age.


Reading stories on a daily basis is so important for young children and we would encourage you to find time at home to cuddle up and read together as often as possible. Sometimes it is good to read the story and just let your child enjoy it and other times you could ask them questions. Asking questions helps them to gain a deeper understanding of the story and prepares them for comprehension in their older years.


“There are many little ways to enlarge your world.  Love of books is the best of all.”

Jacqueline Kennedy


In F3, the children receive an additional reading book to support them with their phonics reading. The children who receive these books should be starting to sound out the letters and blend them together to read some words. Try to encourage them with this reading but don’t let it take away the fun and enjoyment of reading other books together.


Reading is about developing your child’s imagination, interests and their ability to explore the world. By opening a book together, you are opening their mind to new worlds and passions. Igniting this sense of excitement provides empowerment and engagement. So, next time you open a book together, please think about how you are developing not only your child’s mind but their future and let them “dream big.’

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

Walt Disney

Miss Julianna  Walton  

Head of Early Years