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20 September, 2019

Secondary Weekly Update (16/09-20/09) from Ms. Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown

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Secondary Weekly Update (16/09-20/09) from Ms. Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown We just had a productive week with a lot of funs!!!

We just had a productive week with a lot of funs!!!


Key Stage 3

Today, Key Stage 3 had a special assembly to award the Key Stage champions for Year 7, 8 and 9.  Key Stage 3 have had a very positive start to the school year, and the students have been working hard in order to earn their House Points. The Key Stage champions are rewarded with special privileges, such as unlimited access to the library, able to move up the lunch queue, and are invited to a special pizza party lunch with Mr Jones.

I want to congratulate the following students who were presented with the champions lanyard:

7S Nguyen Vu Anh

7S Pham Dinh Tien

8B Vo Kim Lan

8I Shim EoJin

9I Nguyen Nhat Ha Vi

9V Cheon YeJin (Helena)

The rest of the assembly was spent practicing the song selected to support the World Peace Day with Miss Neina Metcalfe-Smith, singing John Lennon’s classic song ‘Imagine’. The students behaved immaculately, and performed beautifully. Miss Metcalfe-Smith deserves an immense amount of credit for organising the song; the students had clearly been working hard and practicing too and it promises to be a great occasion. The real performance of the song takes place on Wednesday 25th September.

Keep up the great work, Key Stage 3.


Key Stage 4

This week, KS4 met to discuss the upcoming trips and to celebrate successes from the first 5 weeks of the term. It was a pleasure to reward the Leading Student lanyard to Vu Thuy Trang from 10B who has already achieved an impressive 29 achievement points. A special mention was also made for Tran Khanh Minh following his excellent support work on the World Scholar’s Cup trip to Manila. Minh specifically went on the trip to help coach and mentor the younger KS3 participants.

The KS4 Champions’ lanyards were awarded to 4 students to recognise the commitment, work ethic and positive attitude they have shown over the first 5 weeks. The winners from Year 10 included Duong Quang Duc from 10I and Ha Thu Anh from 10B while two friends, Nguyen Minh Hanh and Le Dieu Linh, achieved the award in Year 11.

Students received the first round of information for the October trips and we discussed the importance of team bonding and integration for these trips. Students in Year 10 were briefed on their activity trip to Da Lat while Year 11 students started to think about fundraising ideas for their Year 11 service trip.

It has been a hugely positive start in KS4 and it has been a pleasure to see some students who have returned from the summer as more mature, responsible and committed students.


KS3 Basketball - Boys

On Tuesday the 17th September, the match started very competitively with both teams trying to get a feel for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Both teams were moving the ball well and took several shots. We scored 9 points in the first quarter with Phan Anh Duc (9I) scoring a fantastic three-point shot. The first quarter finished BVIS: 9 – 2 St Paul’s American School (SPAS).

The second quarter continued with the same amount of intensity as the first, however BVIS were able to be more successful with the number of shots we took.   We scored a quick 5 points straight into the second quarter, with several turnovers in the middle of the court. HuyenJin Kim (7I) worked tremendously hard in taking the ball from the opposition. SPAS hit back with a nice two-point lay-up of their own to finish the half BVIS: 16 – 4 SPAS.

The third quarter saw BVIS lose their shape slightly through not knowing whether to continue attacking or keep possession of the ball.  SPAS continued to attack and scored a fantastic 8 points. The third quarter finished BVIS: 20 – 12 SPAS.

The fourth and final quarter saw a very mature and professional approach by BVIS. We started the final quarter a lot calmer and in control of the game, passing the ball in different directions and shooting when it was the right time. The match finished BVIS: 22 – 14 SPAS and a special mention must go to the BVIS KS3 Boys’ captain, Anh Duc Phan (9I), who played excellently throughout and motivated the other boys to continue working hard.








KS3 Basketball – Girls

The KS3 Girls basketball team also played St. Pauls American School (SPAS) on Tuesday 17th September. This was their second game of the term, and they won 11-10 in a very closely contested game. The girls worked extremely hard throughout, but the hardest working player was Le Gia Ngoc in 8B, our vice captain. The team is captained by Thi Tuyet Trinh in 8S.


KS5 Volleyball - Boys

The KS 5 boys volleyball continued their great start to the season with a closely fought victory away to SPAS, winning 2-0 (26-24 and 25-21) The girls were unfortunate not to pick up their first win of the season, again away at SPAS. The KS4 girls picked up their first win of the season at home to SPAS on Wednesday in an evenly contesting game. BVIS came out eventual winner 2-1 (25-19,23-25 and 21-19).  All of these sports fixtures give students fun, exercise, a sense of competition and a great deal of confidence.  We are very pleased with their performance so far this term.  Well done all.


Students’ Parliament

So far this term, the prefects and parliament members have made an excellent start to the year in planning their school improvement projects. With guidance from prefects and teachers, the parliament has started working on a range of areas to better improve our school community. So far, ministries have been planning to launch ‘Eco-warriors’, ‘Green BVIS’, Halloween competitions and the ‘BVIS Breakfast Club’, to name just a few. Through this active participation, students are gaining valuable experience in leadership roles and are developing important communication, organisation and team-work, skills which will stay with them for life.  It is also a lot of fun!