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03 December, 2021

Highlights of the Week (29.11-03.12)

Highlight of the week01

This week, we have had a lot of interesting activities from our students.

Parent Satisfaction Survey 21/22




BVIS Hanoi is excited to announce the launching of the 2021/22 NAE’s Parent Satisfaction Survey. Last year we had the wonderful response rate of 86% which gave us an outstanding understanding of your views on our school. Over the past year, this information has been of great use.  

Read more here:

EYFS - Phonics tasks: Lisen to CVC words and use your sound cards to make the words

EY students have been practising Phonics exercises with supports from their parents. These are important exercises to help them pronounce English correctly when they get into Primary school.




EYFS - Making 'planet cakes and pizzas'

Early Years made 'planet cakes and pizzas' for their exit point after learning about the 8 different planets. They talked about the different colours on their planet food.


Year 5 - Gratitude Diary

This week, Year 2 students have written a Diary to show their gratitude to family, teachers and friends. There are touching stories that have been shared by the children. This is a part of the PSHE lesson to help students build positive and healthy relationships!




FOBISIA Monologue Competition

Hoang Van (5I) & Bao Chau (3S) have worked with Ms. Sarah Dullaghan (Primary Dance teacher) in their ECA time for over 3 weeks to develop monologues that they could enter into the FOBISIA Monologue challenge. Their pieces were judged by the Head of Performing Arts and Hoang Van has successfully been entered into the 8-10 year old category. Congratulations!




Global Campus: World Children's Day Poster Design Competition

Some excellent entries from Primary students have been uploaded to the Global Campus platform. Congratulations to Quoc Quan, Tri Viet, Tuan Kiet, Ji Wan, and My Duyen on your great works!

There's still time to join the competition. Parents and students can read more information here:


Year 10 - Create your advertisement 

Minh Khoa, Anh Duong and Mai Phuong have been working hard all term but we were particularly impressed by the work they came up with this week to create and advertise their own online store.