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05 July, 2023

Nord Anglia Education pledges $500,000 to empower student changemakers in Asia

Nord Anglia Education (NAE) recently launched a $500,000 community investment fund for social impact projects in Vietnam and around the world.

As part of Nord Anglia’s partnership with UNICEF, a new student advisory board will assess incoming applications from BVIS  students, along with NAE students worldwide for grants to fund, launch and enhance local social outreach projects.

Fifteen students will make up the advisory board, and include representatives from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Asia representative, Jin Hee (BVIS Hanoi) said she was able to see the significant impact that local community projects had first-hand, after previously working with UNICEF to raise money for a clean water and sanitation project.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to learn and work with other Nord Anglia students on social impact projects,” she said. “I believe this opportunity will help me expand my perspective on social impact, and how we as students can still make a difference in our community.”

Nord Anglia Regional Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Middle East Shaun Williams said the UNICEF partnership would support young people to take direct action within community groups and local charities.

“Global citizenship starts with education, which is why we create experiences for our students to make a sustainable difference in their local communities,” Mr Williams said.

This year, the community investment fund will focus on projects related to challenges around education, the climate, health, and mental wellbeing.

“As well as further developing our students’ understanding about some of the biggest problems facing us today, this investment fund and Nord Anglia’s ongoing partnership with UNICEF will also strengthen our students’ creativity, resilience, critical thinking and leadership skills to drive change around the world,” Mr Williams said.

“The US$500,000 community investment fund will help with this, by maximising the life span of each project and creating impact that’s sustainable.”