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27 April, 2022

Students of BVIS Hanoi officially received IGCSE certificates

Students of BVIS Hanoi officially received IGCSE certificates On April 21's evening, nearly 100 students of BVIS Hanoi received the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Last Thursday evening, nearly 100 students of BVIS Hanoi received the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), marking an important milestone in students' lives.

This year's IGCSE certificate ceremony was quite special as the students received their certificates one year later after receiving the results. They took the exam and received their results in 2021. However, due to the impact of the pandemic, the ceremony had to be postponed and officially held on the evening of April 21.

Group photo of students and teachers.

At the ceremony, Ms. Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown – Head of Secondary said: “To take 7, 8 or 9 of these exams over a month is even more stressful. To take all of these exams in a foreign language is even more difficult. To take all of these exams in a foreign language and get the top grades that require high levels of technical english, nuance and applied thinking - is even harder still. And yet this is what you have done. So please take courage from this experience.”

Ms. Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown gave a welcome speech.

2021 was a year with many difficulties when students had to go to school in the context of the lock down and changes in learning methods. Going through an important exam like IGCSE was a big challenge, but instead of losing direction, they were more determined to get good results in the exam.

“It is those type of unpredictable events that can shape you into the adults you become, and there is no doubt in my mind that you all have incredible futures ahead of you. I feel lucky to have been your Year Head, and I want to wish you all the best for the future. ” – Ms. Jubilee Williams – Head of Grades 10 and 11 shared during the ceremony.

Ms. Jubilee Williams beamed with memories of her students – the first KS4 class she was in charge of.

(From left to right) Nha Han and Duc Loc on behalf of all students receiving IGCSE certificates expressed their thoughts on the two years of IGCSE preparation and showed gratitude towards teachers and families.

Mr. Simon Mann - Principal of BVIS Hanoi sent his congratulations to all students and their families for the achievements they have achieved in the last exam. He understood the difficulties students had to go through, not only with exams but also in the process of growing up.

“Your journey at BVIS or previous schools will define who you are and who you will become, and this is a shared experience. If it doesn’t challenge, you it doesn’t change you. These challenges and changes are experienced as a group. Embrace the challenge – if it was easy anyone could do it. Face these challenges as a group and you will become collectively closer and more connected.” – Mr. Simon Mann ended the ceremony with the advice for students.

Mr. Simon Mann - BVIS Hanoi's principal gave his speech at the ceremony.

For students, the IGCSE Certificate Presentation Ceremony is the event they have been waiting for a long time. The joy mixed with a slight nervous was reflected in the eyes of our students.

Students received the IGCSE certificates from the Principal.

DongJae - a student of class KS5-I said: " I feel like it is a great event to congratulate everyone who has put in so much effort. They've worked so hard, and we deserved to enjoy this moment. It’s a great event!”

Tien Dat - a classmate with DongJae shared that he has been waiting for the moment to celebrate with family, teachers and friends for a long time: "Keep working hard". This is what it is all about!”

Tien Dat (far left) attended the ceremony with his family.

For students’ families, this event is also a milestone marking their child's growing up process. Ms. Diep - a parent attending the ceremony shared her feelings after the ceremony:

“I don't know how to use words to describe my mood when attending the ceremony to honor students receiving IGCSE certification at BVIS Hanoi. I was really touched by the teacher's affection for the memories with the children and the principal's valuable sharing of the students' journey. The ceremony took place in a very formal atmosphere. Seeing the bright, confident faces of our children makes parents like us feel warm.

I have realized why my child is looking forward to going back to school every day after the social distance. Children have received encouragement, love and are recognized for their achievements. It was the teachers who were like a torch guiding the children's endless aspirations. The children live in an environment filled with teacher-student love and gratitude."

As for BVIS Hanoi, we are extremely grateful for the love from parents and take it as a motivation to try harder in nurturing the knowledge and soul of our students. KS5 students will have to overcome many other challenges such as A-levels exams, there will be pressures on the way to achieve their goals, the school will always accompany them as a teacher, a family and a friend.

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