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14 September, 2022

Nha Truc (Class of 2022) – First student of BVIS Hanoi study at Oxford University

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Nha Truc (Class of 2022) – First student of BVIS Hanoi study at Oxford University Nha Truc who was a Head Student with many achievements in learning and activities, will study at Oxford University.

Nha Truc – our alumni (class of 2022) had excellent A Level results: All A* for four subjects which are Economics, Maths, Media Studies and Psychology. After several rounds of application, she has officially become a student at the University of Oxford, majoring in Economics & Management.

University of Oxford is currently ranked #1 UK and #2 worldwide (QS Ranking 2022).

University of Oxford is located in Oxford, UK.

To achieve such a high score, Nha Truc shared that she had been constantly reminding herself about the final goal: “I believe that persistence and the habit of setting clear goals were the secret key for my success today. Constantly reminding yourself of your goals and dreams, constantly asking "Why?" to remind yourself about the reason why we should keep pursuing the chosen path was how I generated my motivation”.

During her journey, teachers at BVIS Hanoi inspired and gave her kind encouragement to support academically and personally.

“Throughout my A Level program, every single teacher that I have had the pleasure to learn from was undoubtedly passionate about their subject. Not only were they highly qualified in explaining complex concepts, but I also found their passion to be way beyond contracts’ responsibilities. This applies to students who actively seek out help and so do their shyer peers who benefit a lot from the caring nature of our teachers.

BVIS teachers’ support ranges from giving up precious weekends to mark our extra essays to preparing stacks of revision materials entirely out of the goodness of their hearts, as well as setting up mentoring schemes and sensitively asking us to help out our struggling classmates during online school. The list goes on but I believe I have proved my point. To our teachers, thank you for everything.”

Nha Truc took A Level exam in four subjects with Economics and Maths were foundation subjects.

“After careful consideration of other syllabuses and international programmes, I found the A-Levels to be ideally suited to my interests and aspirations. I liked that the course allows us to have flexible control over our combination of 3 or 4 specialised subjects that can give us an advantage in future steps such as at university or the workplace.

In my case, I picked Maths and Economics to have a solid foundation in the field that I wish to pursue further education in. Psychology was helpful for me in parts of behavioural economics and Media Studies offered a lot of fascinating insights, especially considering the digitalising markets. Nonetheless, all of those subjects were much more than my oversimplified takeaways here. I would recommend the A-Levels programme to students hoping to narrow down or focus on their academic interests and those who plan on continuing to be in an international setting afterwards (university/ workplace/ community).”