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10 February, 2023

Principal's update (6/2 - 10/2)

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Principal's update (6/2 - 10/2) Highlight school news and sharing from our Principal (February 6 to February 10) _K3A602601

Dear Parents

We have had an excellent full week back to school.


1. Welcome new families

I am delighted to say that more families have now joined our school and we hosted another parent orientation for new families today. This is great news for the school as we continue to grow and become even more popular in the community.

2. CIS Parents Survey

Wednesday we sent you a survey to complete. We are very grateful for your support on this matter. 

To make BVIS Hanoi a better school for students, our parents' opinions play a very important role and we always looks forward to hearing from you.

If you haven't submit your survey, please fill in a survey emailed from the Principal's Office.

Deadline to complete: 28 February 2023

If you need assistance, please contact Mrs Ha Tran - Director of Marketing & Admissions by email:

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3. Summer School 2023

Please be reminded that we are taking early registration for our summer school and tuition fee will be discounted up to 20%. Register for our summer school at:

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4. University destinations

Our Year 13 students have been busily applying and getting ready for their next steps in their journey. It is great to see that our students are successful in securing places across the world at some of the top universities.

In the past four years, there have been many top universities sending offers to our students. In details, please have a look at the list below.


On behalf of BVIS Hanoi, I wish you a very happy weekend.


Paul Holyome