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10 March, 2023

Secondary Weekly Updates (6/3 - 10/3)

Secondary Weekly Updates (6/3 - 10/3) Summary of Secondary news in week 1/March (AY 2022 - 2023)

Welcome to BVIS Secondary Update


Highlighted events and activities

In Humanities

In Year 8 Humanities students have been busy preparing for their upcoming presentations. They are working in groups, and they are working on their teamwork and presenting skills. They are creating interesting presentations on the theme of Asia. Presentation examples include one on volcanoes in Indonesia and one on ageing populations in Japan.


In Year 7 Humanities, students have been learning about the Black Death. They have laughed at the unusual methods that were once used by people as they thought it might cure them from the disease. Funny cures included bathing in muddy water and letting frogs sit on your arms! I don’t think they worked!


In Year 9 Geography students have been learning about earthquakes and have focussed on the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria. They have bene planning how to make countries safer from earthquakes and have created some innovative earthquake proof building designs.



The U13 FOBISIA team returned from Thailand on Friday after. They received many medals in Athletics, and the girls came third, receiving bronze medals and a cup in both Football and Basketball, and the boys came third in Football also.


With 8 schools involved, it was a very competitive event, and the teams did excellently to place in these events.


Upcoming events

University fairs

We have three on the horizon that will be held at lunch time in our school.

14th March – AEO Fair = 21 schools visiting

Picture1 2

17th March – Canadian School Fair = 10+ schools visiting

23rd March – BMI School Fair = 20 + Universities visiting

Picture2 1

IGCSE Music Performance

IGCSE Music Performance01

Music Live Lunch

MicrosoftTeamsimage 83

I hope you all have a great weekend!