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17 March, 2023

Secondary Weekly Updates (13/3 -17/3)

Secondary Weekly Updates (13/3 -17/3) Summary of Secondary news in week 2/March (AY 2022 - 2023)

Welcome to BVIS Secondary Update


Highlighted events and activities


University Fair

This week, KS5 students attended University fair taken place in school where they can find more opportunities for their studying pathway and their future career.


The Social Impact Grant

Congratulations on Tien Dat, Duc Loc, Linh Chi, Ha Khanh Chi and Quang Anh whose application has been successful and they have been awarded a 16,063 USD Project Grant for your ‘Development for Floating Village’ initiative.


The Winner of Melbourne University

Winners of the University of Melbourne International Case Competition: Van Khue, Dinh Duy, The Phat, Vuong Binh and Thanh Mai (Y11)

The runners up at St Paul’s

Runners-Up of the St Paul Symposium on Business: Quynh Anh, Quoc Anh and Gia Bach (Y12)


Artistic project

This week, our KS3 students have been engaging in an artistic project to show what 'respect' means to them. During form time each day, our students have been designing puzzle pieces which represent the idea of respect. These puzzle pieces have not been assembled together and are being displayed in the form rooms of each KS3 form tutor. Next week, our KS4 and KS5 art students will select the best puzzle pieces from each KS3 class to then be assembled into a selection of the best 'respect' puzzle pieces. 


The aim of this form time project has been to encourage students to show respect in all areas of their life, whether it is with each other, with teachers, parents, animals, the environment, and most importantly, themselves! 


Steam Week activities


Upcoming events


World Book Day

We will be celebrating International World Book Day on Friday 21st April as a school.


I would like to outline some of the activities that will take place:

  • We’d like all students and staff to bring a book in they enjoy on the day.
  • Throughout the week, we’d like to run a ‘guess the shelfie’ quiz in form time, where the students identify the teacher based on their bookshelves.
  • Students will decorate your door inspired by a book? I will ask students to judge the doors on Thursday 20th April. The winning form group will receive house points for the students and a small prize for the tutor.
  • On the Friday, we are going to run a drop everything and read activity with KS3. This will involve teachers reading a short extract from a work of fiction written in English but by a Vietnamese writer to their class at the beginning of the lesson. This will only last for around 10 minutes. We want the students to see World Book Day as something that is representative of and celebrates their context.
  • We are launching a book drive for Nhan Chinh school (the school for the deaf). This will be launched on Monday 17th April and will conclude on World Book Day (Friday 21st April).


Music Live Lunch

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Shakespeare week- 20th-24th March

Interesting videos about Shakespeare 

(76) Hamlet | Act 3 Scene 1 | Royal Shakespeare Company - YouTube 

(76) Insults by Shakespeare - YouTube 




Friday, March 24th is the last day of Term 2. Student will leave school at 12:30 and are off for Spring Holiday from March 25th to April 9th. Students come back to school on April 10th, 2023


I hope you all have a great weekend!