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14 April, 2023

Secondary Weekly Updates (10/4 - 14/4)

Secondary Weekly Updates (10/4 - 14/4) Summary of Secondary news in week 2/April (AY 2022 - 2023)

Welcome to BVIS Secondary Update


Highlighted events and activities

Our celebration of World Book Day is quickly approaching (Friday 21st April). Thank you to those who have supported with the preparations so far – I really appreciate it!


Also, I can see people have already started to decorate their doors! Please can I ask that doors be finalised by Thursday 20th April (the day before World Book Day)?


Here are the examples below for some inspiration:

Secondary Music Competition

Secondary Music Competition takes place on 20 April. Auditions will be held in the first week back on 12,13 April.

Secondary Music Competition  FINAL 2023

Environmental Survey

The Student Environmental Committee has been working an environmental assessment of the school this term. They are collecting data for their environmental project.


Art exams

Upcoming events


This summer, BVIS Hanoi will bring you Summer School for all students, including students from BVIS Hanoi and other schools.


** For each student of Summer School, BVIS Hanoi will give away a combo having 01 T-SHIRT + 01 HAT.

** Especially when you register before May 1, the tuition fee will be discounted by 10%.

** Time: June 26 - July 14, 2023



Why students should join Summer School 2023 of BVIS Hanoi?

* Explore yourself with an adventurous TRIP

* Enhance four ENGLISH skills: Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing

* Execute unique STEAM projects, develop creativity and logical thinking

* Participate in various PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES to exercise strength, endurance and flexibility: swimming, basketball, etc.

* Practice SOFT SKILLS such as presentation, creative thinking, teamwork, etc.

uniformsummer schoolpost01 EN


☑️ Bus service is available for the Summer School at a reasonable price.

☑️ Registration form, bus route and pick-up points will be informed in the beginning of June 2023.

🔜 Enroll your child in BVIS Summer School designed for students 2-14 years old to unlock and develop their future at

🎁 Summer tuition discount of up to 10% for registration before 1st May 2023

🗓 Summer school duration: 26th June – 14th July 2023

♻️ Academic theme: Sustainable Use & Reuse inspired by the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

📝 Academic program:

1️⃣ In STEAM lessons, our students will be engaged in real life problem solving identifying ways to reduce plastic consumption to create a better future for all. 

2️⃣ Daily PE lessons will ensure that our children are developing healthy and sustainable habits for their future lives.

3️⃣ In English lessons, students will be reading books related to positive climate action, writing short stories and texts to inspire change in others as well as engaging in drama and role play to deepen their understanding and develop positive communication skills.

4️⃣ Adventorous trips: teachers and students will visit some centers where help to educate them about green-life, reusing and to observe and get hands-on experience about environment and recycling science.


🏫 Royal City. 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

📳 0866647836  | 📧 |

📳 For Korean parents: Kakaotalk: bvishn | 0978953421


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I hope you all have a great weekend!