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04 May, 2023

BVIS Hanoi to host the World Scholar's Cup 2023 - Skittles Round

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In recent years, the World Scholar's Cup (WSC) has become an annual academic competition that is most awaited by students in Vietnam and worldwide. It is an honour for BVIS Hanoi to accompany contest organisers to host the regional round in Hanoi this year 2023. 

First held in 2007, WSC has affirmed its position as a prestigious international academic competition and is a useful educational playground for students all around the world. The competition was officially introduced in Vietnam back in 2014, nearly a decade after, WSC has attracted thousands of contestants each year through its rounds in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, and so on. This year, BVIS Hanoi will host the regional round for the Skittles group (9 to 11 years old).  

With a modern educational orientation and a long track record of achievements when participating in previous competitions, BVIS Hanoi is indeed an ideal waypoint on the WSC 2023 map. Each cohort of BVIS students has successfully achieved a number of gold medals and trophies from the Global Rounds to the Tournament of Champions. The highest score recorded was in the academic year 2021-2022, after a period of discontinuing and social distancing due to the pandemic, BVIS secondary students returned to the competition, taking home a total of 50 gold medals, 85 silver medals and 10 gold Trophies, in which Nguyen Ngoc My Linh, Year 8I, excellently won the title of Country Top Scholar (first place in the country) in the Global Round held in the Czech Republic.   

BVIS Hanoi is in a state of readiness and eager to welcome young scholars to this year's WSC competition. The dates and venues of the round are listed as follows: 

  • Registration deadline: June 13, 2023
  • Date: June 17 & 18, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) 

  • Location: BVIS Hanoi (Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi) 

To register for the competition and learn more about the World Scholar's Cup, please call the hotline at 0917891616.


What is the World Scholar's Cup? 

World Scholar's Cup (WSC) is an academic competition for high school students (9 to 18 years old) founded by an educational organization in the United States, first held in 2006. The contest is divided into age groups: Skittles (9 - 11 years old), Junior (12 - 15 years old), Senior (16 - 18 years old). Each year, the contest organizers will present a general knowledge topic and questions related to that topic in 6 areas: Art (Art & Music), Literature (Literature), Science (Art & Music). Science), History, Social Studies and a special subject (Special Area). With this knowledge base, contestants will compete in 4 sections: Debate (Team Debate), Writing (Collaborative Writing), Individual Quiz (Scholar's Challenge), Team Quiz (Scholar's Bowl). 

The professionalism but no less exciting of the contest has been shown in rounds around the world for nearly 2 decades. Up to now, WSC has attracted over 10,000 contestants each year through regional rounds, international rounds and world finals (Tournament of Champion). Worth mentioning, the ToC World Finals held at Yale University every year is a bright highlight of the competition. This is the dream that any young scholar participating in the competition wants to achieve. 


What to prepare when joining WSC? 

Despite the open approach and fun atmosphere of the exams, the WSC is ultimately a highly academic competition. Therefore, candidates still need to prepare carefully to avoid being surprised when entering the competition. For those of you who are wondering about luggage before taking the exam, please refer to the following steps! 

1. Find teammates 

As a team spirit exam, the WSC sections are mainly designed for groups of 3 candidates. Therefore, the first thing before taking the exam is that students need to form groups of 3 to review and practice skills together. 

2. Practice together 

The set of questions is updated by the contest organizers at the beginning of each new season on the homepage, the contestants will together find the necessary information and actively discuss to answer the questions. this question. Besides, you also need to work together to practice writing and debating skills to be able to complete these sections in the best way. 

3. Building solidarity
One of the key elements of the competition is teamwork skills. Therefore, the bonding of members in the learning and revision process. The spirit of solidarity will also help the teams have more energy and endurance to compete to the end.

And now, the contestants are ready to take the exam! Do not forget to enjoy moments of relaxation and entertainment filled with laughter at the stages of the contest because WSC always wants contestants to have a relaxed and positive spirit when participating in the contest.


How does WSC help students develop?

This is perhaps the most asked question before candidates and their families make a decision whether to take the exam or not. If other academic competitions have a certain measure of scores and results to assess how 'good' students are, then WSC has a completely different approach. As mentioned at the beginning, WSC is more than an academic competition because in addition to basic skills such as writing, debating, or improving English vocabulary, young scholars also receive amazing things. The following:

1. Huge treasure trove of knowledge

Knowledge is limitless and reading and exploring has never been enough for humans. The knowledge that students are taught in school is also very useful, but it is not updated regularly. On the contrary, WSC's questions and topics are changed continuously year by year and always mention outstanding issues of human society in recent times such as climate change, artificial intelligence. , the explosion of social networks and the metaverse. It can be seen that when participating in the competition, students will be equipped with practical knowledge and gain broader perspectives on the outside world.

2. Skills of a true leader

A talented leader not only has erudite knowledge but also needs the skills to work with people. Participating in WCS, students will really experience and practice skills such as teamwork, debate, criticism, judgment, persuasion of readers, listeners, public speaking,...With By practicing these skills right from the time they are in school, young scholars will surely grow up in the future and become true scholars who have the ability to lead and change the world in the future. future.

3. Bright academic record

With a long history of development and cooperation with many leading universities, it is not difficult for WSC to make a mark in the eyes of the admissions committees. The evidence is that the official members of the organizing committee, as well as the former contestants, are currently studying at top schools in the US and around the world such as Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Toronto or University College of London. In addition to the achievements and medals achieved in the competition, the skills and friendships among global students are the bright spots for universities to see in a former WSC contestant.

Hopefully, the article can answer questions from parents and students about the contest. And don't forget we have an appointment at BVIS Hanoi this summer with the World Scholar's Cup regional round for primary school age kids!