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Our A-level curriculum takes our students to the best universities in the world. Studying on our Themaid campus – which has some of the finest facilities in Qatar – your child will gain a deep understanding of their chosen subjects and develop a breadth of personal, creative, and leadership skills.
A levels Compass


At Compass Doha, Year 12 and 13 students have the option of studying for their A-levels. Recognised as the gold standard for academic education – and respected around the world – A-levels are designed for high achievers who aspire to competitive courses at the very best universities.

In their first year, students typically choose four A-level subjects. They then sit their AS-level exams before deciding whether to continue with all four or focus on three. In Doha and across the country, some universities accept students with a minimum of two AS-level qualifications. 

A levels Compass

create your own academic pathway

There's lots to consider when choosing A-level options.

What does your child enjoy? What are they good at? If your child is passionate about a subject – or they have a talent for something – they’re more likely to do well.

What does your child want to do in the future? If they have a university course or career in mind, they may need to pick certain subjects.

We group subjects together in blocks to create our timetable. Students choose one subject from each option group (listed below). For example, one subject from option 1, one from option 2, etc. 

Our option groups:
  • Option 1: Art and design, history, business studies.
  • Option 2: Biology, Spanish.
  • Option 3: English language, English literature, maths.
  • Option 4: Chemistry, Arabic, economics.
  • Option 5: Computer science, PE, physics, geography.
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  • Secondary


From a personalised academic pathway to unique global collaborations, our A-level students enjoy outstanding learning opportunities every day.
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Tailor-made learning
It’s a critical time in your child’s education, which is why we personalise academic learning through themed projects and hands-on activities. From English and maths to chemistry and geography, every day throws up new challenges.
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tailor-made learning
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Leading the way
It’s time to take the lead and make a difference – either through our exclusive collaboration with UNICEF, volunteering on The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, or learning from one of our brilliant motivational speakers.
leading the way
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Outdoors and active
After a healthy lunch, students head to the pitch, pool, sports hall and dance studio. Physical activity gets our students moving, developing their resilience, teamwork and communication skills.
outdoors and active
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Our global family
Logging on to our Global Campus learning platform, your child will connect and collaborate with friends from more than 30 countries. They’ll tackle one-of-a-kind challenges and broaden their horizons, too.
our global family
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The learning never stops
The exceptional learning experiences don’t stop when lessons end! Enrichment activities – ranging from tennis and Zumba to robotics and our eco warriors club – will enable your child to follow their interests.
the learning never stops
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embracing innovation

Our teachers know what it takes to inspire excellence. They embrace innovation, create outstanding learning experiences, and encourage every student to pursue their individual passions. This will inspire your child to achieve extraordinary A-level results and go on to flourish at the world’s top universities. 
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At A-level, teaching and learning are tailored to your child’s needs and interests.

Lessons focus on collaboration, innovation, and creativity, building your child’s confidence, teaching leadership skills, and giving them a global perspective. Learning is enhanced through world-leading collaborations with MIT, The Juilliard School, and UNICEF, too. Beyond the classroom, our students enjoy extra-curricular clubs, residential trips, and opportunities to get involved in our community.

World class learning at Compass International School


Our A-level students study on our ultra-modern Themaid campus, which has some of the finest facilities in Qatar. Themaid is home to innovative performing arts spaces, a high-tech STEAM learning lab, music studios, a swimming pool, and more.
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University pathway flowchart guide

University pathway flowchart.pdf (188 KB)



Our world-class teachers will nurture your child’s talents and passions, cultivating a lifelong love of learning and unlocking their full potential.

Our academic excellence
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