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News image Juilliard Compass International School Blog | Posts From Our People
Exploring Juilliard's impact on education at Compass
Discover how Compass partners with Juilliard, a global leader in performing arts education, to enrich students' learning experiences. Through collaborations, in-person visits, online support, and professional development opportunities, educators and students alike benefit from Juilliard's innovative approach. From fostering creativity and risk-taking to developing self-awareness and artistic skills, the blog explores how the Juilliard Creative Classroom transforms education. Additionally, it offers practical tips for parents to support their child's creative interests at home, encouraging music exploration, movement, theater engagement, and storytelling.
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News image Sensory play Compass International School Blog | Posts From Our People | Featured
Sensory Play - Building block for growing minds
Discover sensory play's vital role in child development, engaging multiple senses to nurture curiosity and build neural connections. It emphasises inclusivity and adaptability, celebrating diverse experiences. Highlighting the significance of sensory-rich experiences in education, it promotes language, motor, cognitive, and social skills development. Sensory play fosters curiosity, confidence, and joy in children's exploration journey.
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News image School transition Compass International School Blog | Posts From Our People | Themaid | Featured
Parents guide for supporting children during school transitions
Transitioning between schools can be a daunting experience for both parents and children. This blog entry offers practical guidance for parents to support their children through this challenging period. From open communication and school visits to fostering friendships and maintaining positivity, the blog emphasises the importance of parental involvement and emotional support. It also highlights the significance of academic preparation and seeking assistance when needed. By implementing these strategies, parents can help their children navigate school transitions with confidence and resilience.
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News image IBDP Compass International School Blog | Posts From Our People | Featured
Navigating the IB Diploma Programme and beyond
This blog entry explores the transformative experience of the International Baccalaureate  Diploma Programme (IBDP), emphasising its focus on critical thinking, global awareness, and lifelong learning. From its comprehensive curriculum to its interdisciplinary approach and emphasis on holistic development, the IBDP equips students with essential skills for higher education and beyond. Recognised by universities and employers, it prepares graduates for success in today's world.
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News image Compass International School STEAM Blog | Posts From Our People
How primary parents can support computing at home
In today's digital world, computing skills are essential, with 92% of jobs requiring them. Parents play a vital role in nurturing their child's proficiency. Tips include embracing technology, fostering creativity through coding, and ensuring online safety. Empowering children with these skills prepares them for the tech-driven future.
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News image Nord Anglia Education A healthy media diet Blog
An audacious goal - A healthy media diet
Discover how founder of News Lab Literacy, Jodie Jackson, is reshaping children's relationships with the news in this insightful blog post. With over a decade of research under her belt, Jackson is on a mission to empower young people with essential news literacy skills.
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News image Nord Anglia Education metacognition header Blog
Metacognition - helping kids unlock the power of thinking about thinking
Learn how being aware of your thinking process can revolutionise learning outcomes. Explore how metacognitive strategies, with insights from experts like Dr. Rose Luckin, empower learners to take control of their educational journey in this insightful blog.
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News image Compass International School Curriculum Blog
Curriculum curated to a unique you
Compass International School Doha prioritises personalised education, nurturing individual talents and aspirations through small class sizes and tailored learning pathways. Beyond academics, the school instills values like confidence and resilience, preparing students for success in a changing world. With a track record of producing graduates who become leaders and innovators, the school empowers students to make a positive impact. Compass International School Doha is not just a place of learning but a catalyst for personal growth, celebrating each student's unique journey towards success.
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News image Compass International School Neurodiversity Blog
Shaping a compassionate future
The blog emphasises our school's celebration of neurodiversity, particularly within the autism community. It highlights our journey towards inclusivity, advocating for recognition and empowerment of individuals regardless of neurodivergence. We nurture an environment where each student's unique strengths are valued. As we mark World Autism Awareness Day, our commitment to understanding and acceptance remains unwavering, reflecting our dedication to a more inclusive world.
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News image James Barnett STEAM lead Compass Blog | Posts From Our People
Using a STEAM mindset as an approach to learning
In this blog James Barnett, STEAM lead at Madinat Khalifa,  discusses the integration of skill-based target systems in education, particularly focusing on STEAM. It explores the evolution of goal-setting frameworks like the 4C's and the Personal Learning Goals of the IPC. Practical examples of STEAM implementation in IPC units are highlighted, urging educators to extend the STEAM mindset into traditional subjects. The blog advocates for innovative assessment methods and emphasizes the importance of sharing best practices to enrich learning experiences for both educators and students.
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News image International Womens Day - a unique perspective - International Womens Day - a unique perspective Blog
International Womens Day - a unique perspective
In this blog, Compass parent and school psychologist Lauren McIlvaine reflects on the global impact of International Women's Day, sharing diverse stories from women worldwide. She emphasises the collective strength of women in fostering inclusivity and calls for a shared commitment to upholding women's rights, urging open dialogue for a meaningful celebration.
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News image Compass Rugby Player Blog
A look into the psychology of sports
For forward-thinking parents, it's important to see how team sports can help your child grow into a responsible, reliable person. DRFC and Compass International aren't just about winning games; they're about learning important life lessons while having fun with teammates.
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News image Science at Compass Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle
Women pioneers in science: driving Qatar's future
Discover the influential role of women scientists in Qatar across healthcare, technology, and engineering. Notable figures like Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari have enhanced healthcare services, positioning Qatar as a hub for medical research. Despite progress, gender equality in STEM remains a focus, with educational initiatives like those at Compass International School Doha empowering young women. The blog highlights the potential of these students to shape Qatar's scientific future, emphasizing ongoing support for women in science and a commitment to a brighter tomorrow.
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News image How we teach at Compass Blog | Themaid
Navigating the IGCSE maze
Compass International School underscores the importance of IGCSE option selection for students and offers guidance through an Options Evening and Parent-Teacher Meetings on 26th February providing insights into subject choices, curriculum, assessments, and career paths. This event emphasises our personalised learning approach, fostering open communication between parents, students, and teachers to align options with students' interests and aspirations. This commitment aims to create a supportive community and ensure a holistic educational experience, preparing students for exams and future challenges.
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News image Compass International School secondary exams Blog
Preparing for exams at Compass International School
This blog stresses the importance of exams in Nord Anglia education and highlights the vital roles parents and educators play. It emphasises creating a conducive home learning environment with a dedicated study space and routine. The collaborative approach between parents and teachers is promoted for aligning support with classroom learning. The Nord Anglia Way encourages active learning, effective time management, and fostering a growth mindset. The joint effort of parents, teachers, and students in preparing for exams and instilling confidence for lifelong learning and success.
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News image Motivation in education at compass Blog
Motivation in education: how we unlock our students’ true potential
At Compass International School, explore how student motivation, emphasising intrinsic and extrinsic factors for academic success. Through tailored learning, unique experiences, and strong parent partnerships, we foster an environment where students are engaged, resilient, and driven to excel.
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News image Reading at Compass Blog | Featured | Posts From Our People | Themaid
The unexpected joys of holiday reading
Highlighting the significance of children maintaining a reading habit during holidays, the piece underscores cognitive benefits supported by research. Practical suggestions, such as strategically placing books and starting a shared journal, aim to make reading enjoyable, fostering a lifelong love for literature and essential skills.
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News image Global Citizenship | Compass International School Doha - Creating the next generation of global citizens Blog | Featured
Creating the next generation of global citizens
At Compass International School, we prioritise developing students' knowledge, skills, and values for contributing to communities, understanding international issues, and engaging with diverse perspectives. Our commitment to global citizenship is integrated into the curriculum and extends beyond the classroom through immersive experiences, collaborations with organizations like UNICEF, leadership opportunities, celebrating diversity, and fostering strong parent and community engagement, ultimately preparing students for success in universities and careers worldwide.
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News image KS3 music showcase Blog | Madinat Khalifa | Posts From Our People | Featured
Beats Unleashed - Key Stage 3 masters drumming in showcase
Students from Key Stage 3 showcased their musical talents after weeks of hard work and preparation, focusing on drumming in a large ensemble. With Year 7 exploring STOMP!, Year 8 delving into African Djembe Drumming, and Year 9 mesmerizing the audience with Brazilian Samba Drumming, the results of the high-octane drumming session were nothing short of amazing. Discover the numerous benefits of participating in a musical ensemble, from developing musical skills to fostering social connections and building self-confidence, highlighting the commitment of our music department to the Juilliard-inspired Performing Arts Programme.
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News image History at Compass International School Blog | Featured | Posts From Our People
Unlocking Learning Adventures - A Fun Dive into the World of Artefacts
In this captivating blog, Ms. Caldicott - a former archaeologist turned educator shares a thrilling journey into the heart of inclusive learning. By harnessing the magic of artefacts, the author transforms history from a cryptic code to an engaging experience for students of all abilities. Through a blend of digital enchantment, hands-on exploration, and innovative teaching strategies, artefacts become keys to understanding, curiosity, and potential career exploration, shaping a future where every learner is inspired to explore, learn, and grow.
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