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14 November, 2016

MIT Curiosity Challenge

MIT Curiosity Challenge - mit-curiosity-challenge
MIT Curiosity Challenge
MIT Curiosity Challenge Our ground-breaking collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (recently ranked as the best University in the World) continues to excite our students as they take part in the first "MIT Curiosity Challenge". Students were asked what they were curious about and we have been overwhelmed by our students' enthusiasm for generating these thought-provoking questions.

Questions have included "Does life exist on other planets", "How was the Earth created", "What do people who are blind from birth 'see'?", "Why and how do we get cancer", "How do we know that life isn't a simulation" and "How did Leicester win the Premier league last season?"!

Over the weekend one question will be chosen to become the whole school curiosity challenge which students will then research in depth to produce their own class "Web of Curiosity". The final submission to MIT will be premiered at our 10th Anniversary celebrations (how is a big secret!).