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24 September, 2018

Different Places, Similar Lives

Different Places, Similar Lives - different-places-similar-lives
Different Places, Similar Lives
Different Places, Similar Lives

In IPC, Year 4 have been learning about ‘Different Places, Similar Lives’. It started with our entry point where we came to school dressed in clothes that reflected our home countries. We realised just how international our class was as we represent over 15 different countries.

Since our entry point, we have learnt about festivals celebrated in different countries.  We found out about the Harbin Ice Festival in China and used building blocks to construct our own city, using torches to illuminate the models. In New Orleans, they celebrate Mardi Gras every year with a street parade and the people dress up in the traditional colours of gold, purple and green. We made our own face masks using the traditional colours and modelled them to Year 1, explaining the reasons for the celebration. In Thailand, they have a huge water fight for the Songkran New Year festival. The water washes away any bad luck and cleanses people ready for the new year ahead. We held our own Songkran festival which was great fun.

We shall be continuing to find out about different places around the world and this week we are focusing on traditional clothing. We learnt about the history of tartan and how this used in Scotland to make clothes. We made our own tartan pattern by weaving strips of paper.